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Hikes around the area

This year the new location of the festival will lure the curious to travel around the area. There is a hike, a bike tour, and a bus tour. You will visit trails, parks, local sites of interest, and museums.


Bus tour

The bus tour around the area of Raseiniai starts on Saturday at 10 AM. The tour will be guided by Arnas Zmitra, director Raseiniai Tourism Information Centre. Participants should gather at the Upper Info Centre. Duration of the trip is 3 to 4 hours.
Travellers will visit the Vedeckas Oak dating back to the partisan fights for the independence of Lithuania, and Maironis Park, where the guide will reveal the history of the town and introduce its symbol – the lynx. Later you will see the beautiful Plauginiai Oak, which is protected as a natural heritage. The tour will also take you to the longest and highest railway bridge in Lithuania and the Baltic states. You will climb the nearby Danutė castle mound to listen to the origin of the Lyduvėnai place name. The tour will end at the Žalpiai mythological bowl-rock, which – according to legend – is marked with the footprints of Devil and God.

Bike tour

The bike tour which will start on Saturday at 10:30 AM will be guided by the quiz master and head of the Raseiniai cyclist club “Minam” Šarūnas Blinstrubas. You will visit the Jūkainiai Recreational Park and the Eight-wheeler Museum. The tour starts from the Upper Info Centre. Duration of the trip is about 3.5 hours.
Jūkainiai Recreational Park includes imposing oaks and an extremely beautiful birch grove. The trail is decorated with sculptures made by folk artists, while the lookout tower offers a wonderful view of a valley bog. The founder of the Eight-wheeler Museum Leonas Tamulevičius will tell the history of the eight-wheeled vehicle and show the exhibits of the museum.

Hike with Vaidas Greičius

The hike will start on Saturday at 11:00 AM from the Upper Info Centre. It will be guided by Vaidas Greičius, chief specialist of the Dubysa Regional Park Direction.

The valley of the Šešuvis River in the area of Nemakščiai is noted for its gorgeous landscapes. Melting glaciers have sculpted a deep trough-shaped valley, therefore the area is very picturesque – the Šešuvis flows in big and wide loops between high wooded banks of the valley. The river has changed its path multiple times and the valley is full of washes shaped like horse-shoes – the symbols of luck. The path along the valley will offer a view of a tangle of washes and branches of the river, a picturesque landscape, and a number of sites of natural and cultural heritage. You will walk across lawns and dirt roads and under the foliage of oaks. You will visit the Pašešuvis Mansion; Kairiškė mansion site; Molavėnai archaeological complex; sinter circles; Pašešuvis sinter exposure’ Pašešuvis, Trepėnėliai and Smulkiai ancient burial grounds; and the place where a number of partisans died in Molavėnai village.