Kūlgrinda means a secret cobbled road under water through a marsh or a lake leading to the castle or sacred place. Kūlgrinda also is the path of initiation. Ritual folklore band Kūlgrinda has started to count its days from 1990, the time when Lithuania was undergoing rebirth. The entire revived movement of the Baltic belief can be hardly imagined without this band. Kūlgrinda opens MJR festival with their archaic songs and rituals nearly each year. And the starting Mėnuo Juodaragis ritual is held by Kūlgrinda almost every year.

The band performing ritual Baltic folklore and unique magic glees (sutartinės) – these melodies come from the oldest times of our nation. The songs accompany the prayers to the old gods, dances and provide thunderous accompaniment of drums, bagpipes, violins and other instruments. Kūlgrinda holds quite modern approach to folklore, that is, by preserving old traditions they adapt them to the todays life. Characterised by original sound and youthful enthusiasm, yet at the same time preserving the authenticity of a folk song, the ensemble manages to present folklore to the audience consisting of the most different age groups. Following Baltic customs, Kūlgrinda also performs wedding, initiation and other family and season rituals.

The unique group has recorded and released solid folk albums: “Ugnies Apeigos (Rite of Fire)”, “Perkūno Giesmės (Hymns to Perkūnas the Thundergod)”, “Prūsų giesmės” (Prussian chants), “Giesmės Saulei” (Hymns to the Sun), project “Sotvaras” together with alternative composer DONIS and “Giesmės Valdovui Gediminui” (Hymns to King Gediminas).

This year at Mėnuo Juodaragis XVII festival we will honor the memory of a great Lithuanian folklorist and ethnologist, founder of Romuva – Krivis Jonas Trinkūnas.