Mėnuo Juodaragis XV festival conquers the sky

Press release 2012-08-16

The 15th independent post-folk festival "Mėnuo Juodaragis" invites to touch the pagan heart of the Baltics again. The very last Summer weekend - August 24-26 it will come back to Zarasai, North-Eastern Lithuania, the beautiful Zarasai lake island, welcoming the best original artists from European countries and homeland.

A well-known open air event will present a rich cultural program and probably the widest range of music styles – from folk to metal, from acoustic to electronic, ambiental, jazzy, experimental or great traditional music on three music stages during three days and nights.

"Mėnuo Juodaragis 2012" will present more than 50 outstanding groups and arcane projects, featuring ATARAXIA (neoclassical music, Italy), CRUACHAN (black pagan metal, Ireland), DAKHA BRAKHA (post folk, Ukraine), TROUM (drone, Germany), SVJATA VATRA (folk rock, Estonia-Ukraine), THEODOR BASTARD (darkwave, Russia), THARAPHITA (pagan metal, Estonia), HATI (experimental, Poland) and famous Lithuanian artists – rock music star Andrius MAMONTOVAS, poet V.V.Landsbergis, the most famous folk star Veronika Povilionienė with Lithuanian Army orchestra, fabulous rock artists SKYLĖ, wonderful singer Alina ORLOVA, folk metal ŽALVARINIS, electronic and acoustic experiments by DRIEZHAS, GIRNŲ GIESMĖS, DONIS, OORCHACH, punks  RUMUNIJA, folklore groups KŪLGRINDA, UGNIAVIJAS, GYVATA, VYDRAGA, VISI, SEN SVAJA, various folk ensembles and many others.
Traditionally "Mėnuo Juodaragis" is much more than music open-air - a vast programme includes crafts yard, solid lectures, tribal workshops, traditional rites, photo exhibitions, land art, various creative and ecologic projects, rare film selection, hikes, sports, folk dances, sport tournaments and dancing parties all day and night long!
The program of the festival always focuses on one main theme. This year the festival is dedicated to birds living in nature, culture, mythology, music and even the human efforts to fly – the aviation. For that reason the air balloon race is planned in the Zarasai sky and a spectacular night balloon parade with special music and lights compisition by McKaras and Donis!
“Mėnuo Juodaragis” invites to discover old heathen traditions in a new, contemporary, creative way. Finally the festival is unique for its outstanding concept, incredible location and unique atmosphere. So be welcome to enjoy creative projects, good beer, mysteries, pleasing meadows, groves, fires, wooded camping site and refreshing clear waters of Zarasas lake...
Take Your magic flight on the last days of Summer...!
The "Mėnuo Juodaragis" XV tickets available at the gate.
Festival website - http://www.mjr.lt