:::::::: ARRIVAL ::::::::

To reach the festival site you will need to travel to Zarasai. Zarasai is a small town, located near Lithuanian – Latvian and Lithuanian – Byelorussian border: 152 km North East from Vilnius, 180 km North East from Kaunas, 28 km South West from Daugavpils and just 3 km from Latvian border.

You can arrive tp Zarasai by car, intercity bus, train (Vilnius – Turmantas), bicycle or whatever other means of transportation you can think of. If having opportunity, PLEASE CHOOSE THE MOST ECOLOGICAL WAY POSSIBLE. Since in Zarasai, you will yeasily find the island, in which the festival is taking place. From the central town square you need to turn to Šiauliai street and follow the directions.

Below you will find maps and descriptions, which will be useful during your trip.
We hope that your trip to the middle of nowhere will be interesting and exciting.

If you are arriving to Vilnius by plane, you will land in Vilnius International Airport. The airport is located in the south of Vilnius on a plateau. From the centre of the capital the airport is located at a distance of just 7 km, or 15 minutes by car. To get to the train or bus station you should take bus No 1 (fare is 2,5 LTL) or mini van (fare is about 3 LTL). For more information check Vilnius International Airport website:

Kaunas airport is another option available. It is located in the North east of Kaunas and you can reach center of the city by bus No 29, which will bring you to the bus station. You can reach Kaunas airport from the city centre on shuttle bus No 120. Daily shuttle bus operates from Kaunas Airport directly to Vilnius , timetable, ticket booking and other information: www.airport-bus.lt. For more information check Kaunas airport website

Going through Latvia is an option as well. The planes land in Riga International Airport. Bus No 22, which leaves from Abrenes Street, has direct services between the airport and the city centre. For more information check Riga International Airport website: http://www.riga-airport.com/

You reach Zarasai via Turmantas, by taking a train from Vilnius to Turmantas (the last stop of Lithuanian North-East railway!). The distance from Turmantas to Zarasai is 16 km which you can travel by bicycle which you brought by train, hitch-hiking or city bus.

Trains Schedule
Vilnius-Turmantas: departs 05:05 (arrives 07:51), 07:50 (10:32), 12:00 (14:42), 14:55 (17:37), 18:49 (21:36);
Turmantas-Vilnius: departs 04:38 (arrives 07:10), 08:10 (10:52), 11:26 (14:07), 15:15 (17:56), 18:03 (20:55).
The price is 20 Lt (6 Eur) one way. More: "Lithuanian railway"
BUSES: Turmantas – Zarasai - 6:50, 13:55, 16:30.
Zarasai– Turmantas - 7:10, 13:35.

Buses go from Vilnius bus station straight to Zarasai. And here are also schedules from Kaunas. From other towns, please ask local bus information services.

Vilnius - Zarasai (every day) - 11:40 val., 14:15 val., 17:15 val.
Zarasai - Vilnius - 6:40 val., 11:25 val. (mikro), 11:10 val. (per Visaginą), 17:40 val.
Kaunas - Zarasai (every day) - 7:00 val., 11.30 val., 14:00 val., 17.30 val.
Zarasai - Kaunas - 11.45 val., 13.40 val.

If you are going from Vilnius, it is most common is Molėtai road (A14) to Utena and then turn to Zarasai (A6) - bus this road is partly under repair in summer and may be too slow. So we advice to use other, more picturesque road via Švenčionys-Ignalina-Dūkštas (102).
From Kaunas you need to take road A6 (E262)
From Riga you should go Daugavpils way (E22), through the Lithuanian-Latvian border.
The parking in MJR territory costs 10 LTL (3 EUR) each tome you go in. There are also free parking places arround the island.

Well, that’s quite a challenge to reach Zarasai by bicycle. Depending of the starting point of your trip, it should take approximately 2 days to reach the location. That’s for the adventurers. But even if you are not planning to travel all the way by bicycle, if you have an opportunity, we would RECOMMEND YOU TO BRING ONE! The island is quite big, environs are full of interesting sights, so two extra wheels will be of a great use to you. Unfortunately, there’s no bicycle rent point in Zarasai.

To find out more about arrival to Zarasai feel free to contact the festival headquarters.
You can also find out more about the arrival at Zarasai tourist information center (there you will be able get maps of the environs as well). --> Zarasų turizmo infocentras