25/08 MJR festival is closed. Don't forget to send us your feedback and experiences!
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21/08 MJR Festival Programme announced.

19/08 The famous Lithuanian avant-garde filmmaker Artūras "Baras" Barysas is to take part in the MJR festival. He has just returned from London where his film night had been organised. During these events, Baras made friends with the musicians of the cult band COIL.

18/08 Most of you ask if there will be a possibility to spend the nights in the sports hall of the school this year. Unfortunately, we may not answer this question before the festival starts since this year it depends only on the initiative of the managers of the school.

17/08 Despite the fact that they do not play in the festival, Anapilis band and McKaras will present their recent albums during the MJR. The goths from Kaunas will introduce their erotic cosmic neofolk MCD "Lunar Optics", whereas McKaras will grant his fans an opportunity to acquire the exclusive CD "Balga", which has been released in a limited edition of 50 copies only!

17/08 As Robertas Semeniukas, Žalvarinis band creator, has already returned from Scandinavia, the project will appear on the stage in its best cast! Group vocalist Milda will also arrive to the festival from Norway.

16/08 After having drafted the programme of the event, the organisers of MJR decided to neither look for the replacement for three bands that could not participate nor confirm the variants already found. Since some national projects and DJs joined in, the programme has become full and balanced, so there will really be no lack of music. At the same time, the organisers want to state that all bands that refused to participate in the festival did not keep their promises due to their personal reasons that have nothing to do with the committee of organisers.

15/08 Finnish band Tiermes regretfully informed us that due to the circumstances they would not be able to take part in the festival. Both members of the project are completely exhausted after recording their new album, thus, Tiermes had doubts about the quality of their planned performance.

15/08 The afterparty of the festival is to take place in your favourite bar "Žaltvykslė" (Pilies St 11/9), Vilnius, on Monday evening. Dark industrial, gothic and neofolk music will be played. Free entrance with a festival ticket.

05/08 The organisers would like to announce that there will be big ritual drumming project on the 2nd day of the festival. All participants and coming people are invited to participate and bring in as many drums as possible.

05/08 Darkwave group Moon Far Away from Arkhangelsk reported they would not come to festival because of personal problems in their lifes. Lithuanian folk-rock band Atalyja would not appear on festival stage as well. Substitutions will be announced later.

04/08 Mėnuo Juodaragis 2002 official website is launched with lithuanian and english versions.