::: The Sixth Ritual of the Silver Blackhorned Moon is Calling

... out there on the meadows lit by a soft nocturnal light, in the magic silence of crystal waters, in the threads of the mesmerising fire dance, when the razor-edged Solar disc submerges into the autumnal melancholy, we uncurtain the ritual veil of the Moonlight. Stop for a second and keep your ears open to hear the silent thuds of the deer trotting on the moss, to listen to the familiar chime of the olden horn in the distance. One more circle of the year is completed, new magic energy accumulated for the Journey and the silver-coated crown of Blackhorned Moon is summoning everyone, who may still feel the deep heart-beat turning into the spellbound arts, to the sixth transcendent celebration.

Once we merge the most distant past, the noble Middle Ages and the glinting future, all turns into a perfect feel of the present since the archetypal Universal key enables us to stop the flow of time. We move in circles only to perceive in the final point of the summer that this is an endless spiral. This is time when nothing depends on us anymore. Patulas and Laima stand next to the tree of Universe to open the Gates here, where true European Fire is still alive.

Welcome to the sixth neofolk darkwave festival Mėnuo Juodaragis!

This year, MJR will again merge different - old and new - genres of music and other artistic expression. Archaic and universal symbols of the ancient authentic folklore, which Baltic peoples can be proud of preserving, shall be carried into the cosmic future with flaming torches. As a rule, the festival is bigger, more varied and has a wider programme this year. There are more foreign guests, more artistry and quality.

Two key veins are emphasised in this year's festival, namely the dance culture (its universal origin in rituals) and the ancient Prussia, the home of the spiritual Baltic culture. We do believe that these topics are especially significant in the search of one's cultural identity today. That shall be reflected in both the titles of the festival lectures (of those there will be quite a number and quite a variety) and the music. There will be video installations for the first time in the festival history. We also expect a performance of modern dance in the festival. One more fascinating element of this year's event shall be the drum project. We will invite everyone who has and plays drums to join together at night for a ritual. Thus, if you own or can borrow this instrument, don't forget to bring it along.

As usual for Mėnuo Juodaragis festival, the new world-view of the Baltics will be generated through a number of old and contemporary music trends: ethno, neo-folk, gothic, ambient, noise, industrial, ebm, tribal, avant-garde, etc. Although all of them are considerably different, all of them have some connection to the dark-folk-wave genre, each of them uniquely spellbinds and confirms a multi-meaningful origin of MJR, which in its turn becomes the essence of the powerful ritual. Most enquire about metal music... There will be none.

It is great that this year we managed to invite long-standing collectives to the festival and that the former participants are coming with new energy and yet more interesting ideas. A true beast of this year's MJR is Donis project that will perform in six different magical forms. There shall prevail pure Baltic folk performed by Sedula, Kūlgrinda, Rugiaveidė, and Latvian Risa Zvejnieki... It is a bit sad that due to various reasons we will not see Atalyja, Girnų Giesmės, McKaras and the best Russian darkwave band Moon Far Away this year, however, they will be replaced by other artists. The vibration of the ritual selects its warriors on its own...

The events of the festival will take place in some new locations, thus, you will neither be bored nor allowed to sleep in. Much more attention shall be paid to security. And, of course, we are to send our agents to the atmospheric gods in order to touch for fine weather again :)

Keep in mind that the spirit of MJR is created by not only bands, artists and lecturers but also the audience. MJR has always been noted for especially warm communication and tolerance; you may expect the same this year. Limits alter and each serious matter may become a joyful game here, while every ordinary game might turn into the most meaningful journey. You never know where Joudaragis' magic lies and that is the most wondrous experience!

Dance and dream! It shall not be long.

Under the sparkling Blackhorned crown,
Organisers Ugnius Liogė and Lauras Lučiūnas

::: Contacts and information:

e-mail: ugnius@dangus.net (except during the festival)
cell phone +370 688 19655 Ugnius ;
+370 611 30356 Lauras

Don't forget to send us your feedback and experiences after the festival! > ugnius@dangus.net