The 4-day tickets to Mėnuo Juodaragis 2020 festival can be ordered on presale either in print or as e-tickets – both are of equal use. 4-day and single-day tickets will also be available at the Festival entrance.  The number of tickets is not limited, but we highly recommend ordering them in advance. Prices will increase.
Read this section with care and make Your order!




MJR XXII ticket – price 55,- Eur

(from 2020-06-01 – price 62,- Eur)
Single-person ticket to all festival events during four days.


MJR XXII FAMILY ticket – price 98,-Eur

(from 2020-06-01 – price 115,- Eur)
To be used by one family: of two adults and their children up to 12 (twelve) years old (inclusive).
To all festival events during four days.


Single-day MJR tickets

Tickets will be available at the festival gate only. Prices to be announced in July 2020.

For children up to 9 years of age (inclusive) festival entrance is free.




Order MJR XXII e-tickets paying them online or by credit card on Paysera:




Order MJR XXII e-tickets using PayPal (service fee 5% to be added):




You can purchase printed (physical) MJR XXII tickets and Family tickets by visiting Mėnuo Juodaragis agencies – “Ragainė – Baltik Shops” in Vilnius and Kaunas, also at some other spots of festival partners, various events and at the festival gate. Printed and electronic MJR tickets are of the same price and validity, though printed ones are more real and nice to have… 😉

At “Ragainė” shops You can pay by card or cash. In case of cash payment – no extra bank charges apply, so each MJR ticket would cost You 1,- Eur less! So we recommend You to arrange cash, especially if You are about to buy several tickets.

“Ragainė” Vilnius – Skapo str. 3 – open daily 12:00 – 19:00.
Ph. +370 678 86443 /

“Ragainė” Kaunas – Kurpių str. 29 – open daily (except Sunday) 12:00 – 19:00.
Ph. +370 683 63739 /




Regular festival visitors, who still wear MJR wristbands from previous festival editions, can get a nominal discount by visiting “Ragainė – baltik shop” in person until June 1st, 2020. And those who still wear and are ready to sacrifice 5 wristbands – get a VIP ticket for free!

Special priced MJR tickets are provided to some social, age and organised groups:

  • Children / youngsters (inclusive until the age of 14);
  • Seniors and disabled;
  • Residents and students of Zarasai rural neighborhood;
  • Registered participants of MJR bicycle and walking treks;
  • Discounts for organised groups of visitors (please contact:

Purchasing and checking these tickets requires personal documents to prove the discount. Most of these tickets are available at the Festival gate.





Upon purchasing any of the MJR tickets, the holder is also accepting other common rules of the MJR festival and basic principles of the attendance of public events in Lituania. Please read the Festival Rules and the Terms and Conditions of the MJR Tickets use –



  • The MJR ticket price includes payment for the event programme, infrastructure fee, and charges for ticket service/processing.
  • During entrance to the MJR festival, the ticket holder gets a special MJR wristband. You should keep both – the ticket and the wristband – safely until the very end of the event.
  • Tickets refund: In case the MJR ticket was purchased before 1st of June, 2020, and Your plans visiting the festival have changed, it could be returned and refunded until August 3, 2020 – with a deduction of 10% as processing fees. Later refunds are not possible.
  • From August 27, 2020, 22:00 h – all MJR tickets are available to purchase at the Festival ground only.
  • All children and youngsters upon 14 years of age can enter only with supervision of adults.
  • Car parking at the festival could be free or pay, depending on the lot chosen by the driver.



Should you need any further assistance or information on the MJR tickets, please contact us by
email (or by phone +370 520 51727).