Mėnuo Juodaragis has an important anouncement – the XXII festival is postponed.
It will take place on the 26-29 of August, 2021, in the Duburys lake island.

The tickets that you have purchased will be valid in the festival next year – we encourage you to keep them! However, if you decide not to attend the festival on 2021 – you can return the tickets. You may also choose to dedicate them as support for the Mėnuo Juodaragis organization.

  • If you wish to return the MJR XXII tickets – write us a leeter at bilietai@mjr.lt and provide the order numbr for your tickets and the name and last name of the payer. (If you’ve used PayPal please privide the date of purchase and the email address, through which the payment was conducted)
  • The refunds will commence at the 1st of July, 2020.


We have some good news for the most dedicated followers of the festival – this summer won’t be left without the spirit of Juodaragis.

The last weekend of August will vitness a special happening of tribal unity MJR KAUKYNĖS XXI½.

The number of participants are limited – only 1000 tickets. It’s separate and unique event, for which, NEW TICKETS will be on sale from July 2nd, 2020.
More information about this event and tickets – kaukynes.mjr.lt/eng.html and facebook.com/events/682911438935426/

!!! The tickets of the MJT XXII festival ARE NOT VALID for this new event. !!!