Dear Mėnuo Juodaragis visitors,

In the face of big and unexpected worldwide events we want to inform You that we still plan to hold the MJR XXII festival on the lastweekend of summer, AUGUST 27–30.

Although the pandemic situation is changing fast and is hardly predictable, we reasonably hope that it will cease by that time and allow us to gather for open air events. Our team continues to work on the festival preparations and programme.

All of us understand, that health and caution is the highest priority. We are following the updates of the situation and will strictly follow official instructions and recommendations from the authorities. If the festival dates or conditions have to be changed, we will announce this on the first days of June.


Here are some pictures from Dūburys Island that we visited several days ago. Spring is already on the doorstep… A huge storm felled many trees, but none of the majestic oaks haven been harmed. There is a lot of woodworking and trimming to be done, roads to be fixed, etc. so the location can welcome the visitors well prepared. And the owner of the island, grandma Onutė, is already waiting to heat a big pot of acorn coffee for all the guests.


As summer fades, we hope to meet all of You in Lithuania, to take a fresh breath of the Nature and hug each other without a fear. For now we wish You a meaningful time at home, patience, and good health! And a lot of optimism which is very important stay healthy. Let’s stay united!


MJR Tribe /  March 31, 2020



MENUO JUODARAGIS XXII will take place on August 27-30, 2020


You have been missing the magical event of Juodaragis at the end of summer, haven’t you? We’ve missed you even more! After a year’s break, Menuo Juodaragis is coming back with a new force and is inviting its tribe to an unforgettable event!

This 22nd independent festival of unique music and contemporary Baltic culture will say farewell to the summer at its cosy home on the beautiful island of Duburis Lake in Zarasai region on August 27-30, 2020.

It’s been two years since the “big” MJR festival, so the organisers feel refreshed and full of enthusiasm, energy and new ideas. Even the Island of Duburys seems reborn with abundant vegetation, mighty trees and solid turf of the valley. On the last weekend of summer, once again the island will hospitably open the gates of the Universe for lush creativity and enchanting experiences.

Four fabulous days of unique music, crafts, knowledge, traditions, entertainment, art, new spaces, deep perceptions, unexpected encounters and blissful fellowships awaits everyone. From dawn to dawn, the festival music will charm with a variety of genres, names and forms and performances on four stages (or even more). Each participant will be inevitably touched by the new, driving and wild as never before MJR theme.

The roaring festival promises a great deal of innovation and adventure, but the core secret of the event – the spirit of Menuo Juodaragis – will sustain its loyalty, genuineness and charm! As that spirit is the beating of our hearts.

The tickets to MJR XXII available here >>

Juodaragis calls you, Juodaragis expects you – let’s all have fun!

Juodaragis sauc, Juodaragis gaida – līksmosimies!

Juodaragis šaukia, Juodaragis laukia – linksminkimos!