This year, Mėnuo Juodaragis will take place on the island of Lake Dūburys, located 20km from the town of Zarasai.
Coordinates 55.788253, 25.962324.

Car is the best way to get there, but other options are also available including coach, train or bike.
We advise choosing the most environmentally friendly way of travelling.

Feel free to use the maps, schedules and descriptions provided in this webpage (later).
We hope that your trip to the new location of the festival will be enriching.


You can travel by intersity coaches to Zarasai (20 km from the Lake Dūburys island) or Antazavė (5 km from the Lake Dūburys island). The special MJR coach will take you from Zarasai bus station to the Lake Dūburys island.  (Information will be later.)


You can travel to the festival by the most environmentally friendly means of transportation – the train. Trains will take you from Vilnius to Turmantas – the terminal station of the North-eastern railway line! There are 35km from Turmantas to the Lake Dūburys island. You can bring a bike to cover the remaining distance, hitchhike or use the special MJR coach. Please note that coaches will only pick up passengers arriving on main times. (Information will be later.)

Schedules and tickets for trains >>


The real challenge is reaching the island of Lake Dūburys by bike! Persistent adventurers can join the MJR bike tour Minam Juodaragin, which offers an environmentally friendly way of travelling to the festival and enjoying the spectacular landscapes of Aukštaitija region.

Even if you have no wish to ride a bike across Lithuania for several days in a row, bring one to the festival if you have the chance! The area around Lake Dūburys is mesmerising and full of curiosities, so a bike might come in handy.


If you are travelling from Vilnius, take the Molėtai road (A14) to Utena, then take the road A6 to Zarasai, take a left at Daugailiai (178), and ride to Antazavė across Antalieptė and Dusetos.

If you are travelling from Kaunas, take the road A6 through Jonava, Ukmergė and Utena until you reach Zarasai. Turn left at Daugailiai (178), and ride to Antazavė across Antalieptė and Dusetos.

You will arrive from Antazavė or Zarasai by the road 117. 3km from Antazavė, take a marked gravel road which will take you to the Lake Dūburys island.

From Vilnius:


From Kaunas:

From Zarasai:

From Rīga

From Minsk: