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Mėnuo Juodaragis | Terms
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Terms and conditions


Approved by MJR Council 2018-04-12.

Festival Mėnuo Juodaragis XXI (MJR) in 2018 is organised as a special edition event with limited number of visitors, therefore the Organisers set these exclussive rules of Tickets use.



  1. MJR XXI ticket (further – ticket) gives access to all events of Mėnuo Juodaragis XXI festival during August 24-26, 2018. The place of the Festival to be announced separately and is not indicated on the ticket. Full festival programme and performers to be announced on the first day of the event only.
  2. In 2018 all MJR tickets can be purchased only in a physical (material) form. Tickets are of exclussive cloth material, have an unique number and control strip. Ticket is valid only in case its control strip remains undamaged.
  3. The MJR ticket price is fixed, it includes payment for event’s programme, infrastructure fee and procession charges. Additional expences for posting services and payment methods are matter of choice of the ticket’s purchaser.
  4. Once purchased the MJR ticket is not to be exchanged to any other ticket form. Ticket is valid only if it is presented in pshysical (material) form. No payment data, personal information or stories told can be accepted instead of the physical ticket.
  5. MJR ticket is to be marked once and is valid for a single person only (Family ticket – for one family). In case of misuse the ticket is foreclosed and entrance to the festival denied, with no possibility of return.
  6. During entrance to the MJR festival, the ticket holder gets a special MJR wristband. You should keep both – the ticket and the wristband – safely until the very end of the event.
  7. It is forbidden to resale MJR ticket to other persons for a price bigger, than paid bying it from the Organisers. In case of infraudulent resale, the ticket would be foreclosed and access to its holder denied.
  8. Every MJR ticket holder should agree that additional Festival information and important details could be send to the email address or/and phone number, that he/she provided on the order.



  1. The MJR Family ticket is to be used by a single family – two adult parents and their child (children) up to 12 (twelve) years of age (inclusive).
  2. The MJR family ticket is a dedication to those brave parents coming to the festival with their preteen children. It does not include or determine other possible family relations or concepts.
  3. Documents proving parentage – child’s birth certificate or their copies, or guardianship documents, as well as ID documents of both parents – must be presented together with the Family ticket on the entrance.
  4. When presenting a Family ticket at the gate, all family members should enter together. If one of parents is missing, no refunds or deductions of the ticket price will be made.
  5. In case Family plans change and adults are coming without children or no suitable documents are presented, then an extra fee is added to make the price equal to that of two regular MJR tickets.
  6. Parents are fully responsible for their kids and must look after them carefully during the whole event.



  1. MJR Organisers grant a possibility of tickets return and refund – with a deduction of 10% as processing fees. Tickets could be refunded only if they are returned to the Organisers in physical form until August 1st, 2018. Later refunds are possible only in case the event is cancelled, under terms stated by the Organiser and by legislation of Republic of Lithuania.



  1. For children up to 9 years of age (inclusive) the entrance is free.
  2. In 2018 the usual loyalty discounts for Festival regulars, still wearing MJR wristbands, are not applied. These would be in use again in 2019.
  3. Special MJR tickets provide discounts to some age or social groups of the Festival audience. Special MJR tickets are valid for full festival time. Purchasing and checking these tickets requires personal documents to prove the discount. If no suitable documents are presented, the special MJR ticket will be disregarded and festival entrance denied.
    a) Youngsters (inclusive until the age of 15) – require an age proving document. While purchasing the tickets and throughout the whole festival children must be supervised by grownups.
    Tickets are only purchased at the festivals entrance.
    b) Seniors – a pensioner’s card is required. Tickets are only purchased at the festivals entrance.
    c) Disabled – a disability card is required. Tickets are only purchased at the festivals entrance.
    d) Residents of local neighbourhood – depending on the Festival area, a small amount of special priced tickets could be issued. The price and conditions are given through the community only.
  4. A special price for MJR is set for Bicycle hike riders who have crossed more than a 100 kilometres by bike to the place of the event. Bicyklists should have MJR tickets already purchased and some relevant reward would be refunded on the gate. Discount is applied to officially registered MJR bicycle trek participants only (the information on this is provided on the MJR website).



  1. Upon purchase of any MJR ticket its holder accepts also the other common rules of MJR festival, common sence and public events attendance in Lithuania.
  2. It is FORBIDDEN to bring to the festival territory any kind of alcohol, drugs, also guns and other dangerous or poisonous things. Abundantly drunk, spaced-out and aggressive people would be denied.
  3. Any exposure of political symbols or propaganda is not allowed on the territory of the Festival, unless it was agreed with the Organisers separately.
  4. Festivalis MJR festival is taking place on a beautiful and fragile Nature reserve, therefore every visitor must follow the strict rules of care – no damage to Nature, no litter, no even plucking. On Your leave, please take all Your things with You. Please respect Mother Nature and each other.
  5. Pets are allowed to the festival, but their keepers should take care very responsibly. Pets can not be aggressive or cause any inconveniences to other, must have muzzle. All dogs produced consequances should be fully cleared. In case of festival visitors complaints, owners could be asked to lead pets outside the site.
  6. The use of photo and video cameras on the festival is not restricted, except the areas and performances marked. We kindly ask and encourage to take care about the personal privacy and magic moments of the festival programme. Please note, that all public pictures taken on the event should be available for non-commercial use to the festival Organisers, free of any prior author agreements.
  7. The event Organiser is not responsible for changes of the programme if they happen because of weather or unavoidable reasons.

We trust in MJR visitors’ conciuosness and good will.

Should You need any further assistance on the festival issues, please contact us:
email bilietai@mjr.lt, or phone: +370 520 51727.

The Mėnuo Juodaragis festival is organised by the Baltic music label “Dangus” (non-profit public institution “Baltijos griaustinis”, LT code No. 124631480). You are welcome to visit us at “Ragainė – Baltik Shop” in Vilnius, Skapo str. 3 , open 12:00 – 19:00 daily. Check in: facebook.com/dangausragaine

Festival website – www.mjr.lt