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Traditional sports continue in Molavėnai!

Traditional sports continue in Molavėnai

The traditional MJR Horn Cup will take place this year too and all soccer players are welcome to apply.
The referees are bringing the VAR system to Molavėnai and preparing the field for the kick-off on Saturday morning.
If you wish see the beautiful area of Molavėnai, you must register for the orienteering competition to find the Skirtinas Boulder dropped by the devil, to wander the scenic loops of the Jaujupis Brook, and to visit the spots where partisans fought their last battles.
As always, the hardiest will have a chance to prove themselves in the log wrestling game which requires strength and recklessness. Prove that you can tear a log apart!
A chess competition will offer a respite from gruelling sports. The big outdoor chess and blitz games will reveal the 9th grandmaster of the MJR XXI.


Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm – MJR XXI Horn Cup (near Camping area)
Saturday from 10 am – Outdoor chess and blitz games (Food Yard)
Saturday 12 pm – Orienteering Competition (from Žemutinė Žinyčia (Info Centre))
Saturday 2 pm – Masculine ancient Lithuanian games. Log wrestling. Living history club Leitgiris  (near the Crafts Yard)
Sunday 1 pm – winners of the sports tournaments will be awarded unique prizes (Great Heavenly Stage)



MJR XXI Horn Cup

The referees of the MJR Horn Cup are bringing the VAR system to Molavėnai and preparing the field in the nearby meadows. We have played in many places under a range of circumstances, so this year is no exception. The ball will be kicked off on Saturday morning.


Teams for the competition can register at the festival’s Information Centre until the kick-off. A maximum of 12 teams can participate, so the earlier you register, the more chances to get into the race.

Laws of the game:

  1. Each team consists of 5 players (4 field players and 1 goalkeeper).
  2. Each game consists of 2 halves of 10 minutes. The final game consists of 2 halves of 15 minutes. Half-time break is around 2 minutes.
  3. There is no limit to substitutions.
  4. Each player can represent only one team – the one in which he/she began the competition.
  5. All Laws of the Game defining association football apply except for the offside rule.
  6. Rough play and strong language (yellow card) is punishable by sending-off for 2 minutes. Extremely rough players (red card) will be sent off for the rest of the match and thrown into the brook from the mound.
  7. The referee is austere, so watch your language. Supportive chants are welcome.
  8. Persons of both sexes and all age groups with MJR tickets are eligible to participate in the competition.
    Teams will compete in groups and the top four teams will progress to the semi-finals.

The matches will take place on Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Precise schedule of the competition will be announced on the field on Saturday.




The tricky area of Molavėnai hides a boulder dropped by a devil, scenic loops of the Jaujupis Brook, and spots where partisans fought their last battles. All of these things are there for you to discover during the orienteering competition. Using a map and a compass, participants will have to reach the marked control posts as fast as possible.

The competition is individual and each competitor will start at a different time. Participants are welcome to join the competition at the MJR Information Centre (Žemutinė Žinyčia) on Saturday, 12 pm.

Registration can be made in advance during the Festival at the MJR Information Centre (Žemutinė Žinyčia).



Log wrestling

The famous ‘Viking football’ is back. It is the source of the most gorgeous photographs and great emotions requiring masculine strength and recklessness. The goal of the game is to grab the log thrown by the referee in the middle of the field and to carry it to the opponents’ end of the field. The two teams consist of 10 players each. It is forbidden to hit, strangle, stab or otherwise hurt opponents, but anything else is acceptable. Players will fill their bloodstream with adrenaline for the coming 6 months, while the spectators are guaranteed a load of good emotions. It is a beautiful and infectious game that can easily turn into a wrestling ring!




Chess and blitz tournaments

The popularity of the last year’s chess tournament inspired us to continue the tradition. The big outdoor chess and blitz games will reveal the 9th grandmaster.
We start on Saturday at 10 am. Each game will last for an hour. Exercise and breaks will take place every 2 hours.



Winners of the sports tournaments will be awarded unique prizes! The awards will take place on the Dausų Stage on Sunday, 1 pm.