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Magic Yard

Just say a magic word!

The special theme of this year festival needs special spaces that‘s why MAGIC YARD will be opened and between old oaks and mounds the secrets of wizardry will be revealed.

Herb healers, people with traditional witchery and incantation knowledge, wizards, shamans and astrologists will be waiting there for you. There, you will be able to encounter different kinds of magic, hear interesting stories and lectures. You’ll be given a chance to walk with wolves and take part in various shamanic or Baltic rites, try casting herbal lots or find balance and inner harmony inside yourself. Find the space that calls you and immerse yourself in their magic.

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:::: Friday ::::

16.00 – Philosophy, tools and world-view of magic – Aušra Mačiulytė
17.45 – Natural breathing – radio engineer Danutė Januškienė
18.30 – Energetical and magical properties of incense herbs and resins – Laura Mirėja
19.15 – Rendezvous with ancestors, discovering of own nature – a rite with a shaman Petras Dabrišius
22.00 – Horror stories. Harbingers of our fears. Time abyss – Iva Marshall


:::: Saturday ::::

07.30 – A bath of gongs and sounds: inner yourneys – Kęstutis Kaupas and Viktorija Vikarija
08.30 – A circle of breathing exercises – Danutė Januškienė
10.00 – Herbalism. Magic plants and how to collect them – herbalists Almira Didžiokienė and Dalė Petraitienė
10.30 – Protection of Baltic patters. Embroidery and stitching in silence – Vilma Marė
11.00 – Introduction of designer pattern symbols. Practical application in divination – medicine man Gytis Gruzdas
12.00 – Divination from plants: ancient tradition and myths – Ona Patronaitienė
13.00 – Cards and runes. Similarities and differences in divination – Aušra Mačiulytė
13.30 – Herbs and spices from nature, garden or kitchen: magical and energetical propetries – Laura Mirėja
14.00 – Human aura. Myths and realities – Artūras Dabkevičius
14.45 – Magic hidden in sashes. Weaving of protective sashes – Domantas Žilėnas
15.30 – A journey with wolves – shaman Petras Dabrišius
16.30 – Precious stones as the supreme magic of divine realities – Mija Džeinara Ubartienė


:::: Sunday ::::

07.30 – A bath of gongs and sounds: inner yourneys – Kęstutis Kaupas and Viktorija Vikarija
10.00 – Astrological love cards. Compatibility of pairs – Iva Marshall
11.00 – Ritual incensing of ancient Lithuanians. Divination from plant cards – Almira Didžiokienė and Dalė Petraitienė
11.30 – Meditative Zen and Goddess Tarot cards – Birutė Adi Masiliauskienė
12.00 – The power of charming then and now – medicine man Gytis Gruzdas
13.00 – Offering of scented smoke – Giedrius Ubartas
14.00 – Workshop of magic. Discovering tools in the immediate environment – Aušra Mačiulytė