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Scientists, academics, ethnologists, and esotericists will share their knowledge, discoveries and views

This year, the visitors of the festival yearning for knowledge will embark on an intriguing journey. Magic has been chosen as the exclusive theme for the compact version of the festival. A range of speakers, scientists, academics, ethnologists, and esotericists will share their knowledge, discoveries and views.

They will aim to answer the little-researched and perplexing questions, such as what is magic? Is reality the way we perceive on the daily basis? Can we measure reality? The curators of the festival’s programme do not aim for a biased approach. Visitors are welcome to produce new questions and find new answers in the face of presented research and views.

Some of the lectures will also be dedicated to the centenary of restoration of independence of Lithuania.

The lecture programme of the compact version of the festival will be as rich as in any previous year. Discourses will take place not only in the tent and under the Oak, but also in the thematic space of the festival – the Magic Yard.

Due to constant demand, this year some selected MJR lectures will have test translations into English. Check the programme marks to attend and enjoy the great knowledge.

Friday – Film and Lectures tent

13.55 – Introduction to the Festival’s programme
14.00 – Molavėnai on the highway of the millennium – Jonas Brigys (translation to English)
15.10 – Synchrony and prophetic dreams – Elona Lovčikienė
16.20 – From the funeral fire to the afterlife: Analysis of cremation methods – Dr. Gediminas Petrauskas
18.30 – Discovery of the partisan state – Prof. Dr. Vykintas Vaitkevičius (translation to English)
19.40 – Partisan Lithuania, or how we are going to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Union of Lithuanian Freedom Fighters – Dr. Aistė Petrauskienė

Saturday – Film and Lectures tent

09.30 – A lecture about Baltic reincarnation (to be specified) – Leopoldas Krušinskas
10.40 – Lithuanian tradition of charming – Dr. Daiva Vaitkevičienė
11.50 – The power of casting a spell – Rita Balkutė (with translation to English)
13.00 – Magic under the veil of mystery: What is known and what is utterly obscure – Prof. Saulius Kanišauskas
14.10 – Moon magic – Jonas Vaiškūnas
15.20 – Astrology and other divination practices in India – Prof. Audrius Beinorius
16.30 – A little bit about alchemy – Dr. Algirdas Brukštus
17.40 – Geography of shamanism – Prof. Dr. Vidmantas Daugirdas
18.50 – Animism of cave paintings in the taiga of East Siberia: modern rites and hunting magic of Evenkian reindeer-herders – Asst. Prof. Dr. Donatas Brandišauskas
20.00 – History and mythology of werewolves – Ignas Šlajus

Saturday – Crafts Yard

11.30 – Brewing of mystical beer using hot rocks – Simonas Gutautas (Dundulio alus), Ričardas Pocius (Pilsots), Vykintas Motuza (Kovarnių brolija), Artūras Masiliauskas (Pilialaukis)

Sunday – Film and Lectures tent

09.30 – If the patient does not believe in magic, he or she won’t get better: healing and protective rituals of Lithuanian folk medicine – Asta Skujytė-Razmienė
10.40 – What brings trouble and what saves from misfortune? Magical field of professions in the Celtic tradition – Dr.Audronė Gedžiūtė
11.50 – So good(?) when magic solves all problems – Dr. Kastytis Zubovas
13.00 – Vydūnas and inherent faith – Darius Ramančionis
14.10 – Magic of love and desire – Dr. Daiva Šeškauskaitė