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Crafts Yard

Secrets of magic Crafts

Magic – from fairy-tales to real life, from the cradle to the old age, from the threshold of home to the edge of the world – has been integral to the life of our ancestors. Behavioural codes influenced by the mythological consciousness, perceiving the environment as the heritage of the ancestral world without the passage of time and the boundaries of the past and the future. Everything is alive here and now, everything that has passed can be enabled through faith and magic words or actions. A lake descends when its true name is uttered and gods answer when called by their ancient names. All that has been is still alive – you just have to say the magic word.

This year the Crafts Yard reveals the secrets of the craft of magic to all who wish to find out what is there, beyond the field of vision. Come, embark and learn where the secrets dwell, what extraordinary items used for charms and magic reach us from the ancient times, what is hidden in the ornaments of sashes, what is encoded in the living words in the form of fairy-tales and legends. All that has been will be different this year in a magical valley of crafts surrounded by ancient castle mounds.


Programme of Crafts Yard


:::: Friday ::::
16.00 – Pottery workshop – Dainius Strazdas, Puodžių cechas
17.00 – Sash weaving with burtukės – Baltic style clothes studio Juostė
18.00 – Magic of youth – making of fairy soap – Asta Plentaitė – Balčiūnienė
19.00 – Presentation of Curonian costumes and jewellery – Baltic Vikings Pilsots
19.30 – A show of magic for kids with a magician Mario Tarasini
20.30 – Fairy-tales – a night of fairy-tales and legends with wanderer Algirdas Breidokas


:::: Saturday ::::
10.30 – Tribal tatoo – Angis tatoo
11.00 – Making of roof shingles – Gintas Čekauskas, The Čekauskas Museum
11.30 – Brewing of mystical beer using hot rocks – Simonas Gutautas (Dundulio alus), Ričardas Pocius (Pilsots), Vykintas Motuza (Kovarnių brolija), Artūras Masiliauskas (Pilialaukis)
12.00 – Lucky bracelets – tanner Arūnas Puškorius, Pajauta club
13.00 – Ritual meaning of amber-ware – Gintaras Markevičius, Ruslanas Aranauskas, Dina Jankauskienė – Pajauta club
14.30 – Lucky horse-shoes – blacksmith Marius Balčiūnas
15.00 – Magic in Baltic kitchen – Austėja Luchtanaitė, Ieva Luckutė, Marius Mališauskas – Pajauta club
16.00 – Combat circle for participants and viewers – Baltic Vikings Pilsots
17.00 – Ancient wooden toys and games – Algirdas Juškevičius
18.00 – Elections of the best witch. Smart tasks for smart girls.
19.00 – Magic bone-ware and horn-ware – Virginijus Narkus, Žemaitėja
19.30 – Legends of Vikings and Celts in the accompaniment of a harp – Donderelf: Philip and Theresia van der Zee (The Netherlands)
20.30 – Of black books and other things. A night of folklore by the fire with Gražina Kadžytė and Švenčionys region storyteller Algirdas Breidokas

• Near the Crafts Yard
14.00 – Masculine games of ancient Lithuanians. LOG WRESTLING – Living history club Leitgiris

:::: Sunday ::::
10.00 – A witch of a felted broom – Gabija Mauliūtė, Pajauta club
11.00 – Introduction to 19 c. traditional wooden roof tiling. Gintas Čekauskas
12.00 – Bird and animal amulets – Vitolds Vize
13.00 – Table of masculine songs. Everybody can join in!