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Location, arrival, camping




About parking conditions, roads, fees

 Important! There are two different access roads:

  • MAIN Pagrindinis – for MJR visitors.
  • ORG – for the organisers, participants and services, visitors with wheelchairs

Please, follow the signs and choose the appropriate road.
Due to the loops and scarps of the Šešuvė River, the driving distance between the two parking lots located on the different sides of the valley is 7 km.

MJR XXI map >>

Parking conditions and fees

The new location of the Festival in the Pašešuvis Landscape Reserve dictates unique parking conditions. The number of vehicles is increasing with each year and the resources of the castle mound complex are limited. Most of the visitors will have to leave there cars in a spacious marked lawn in front of the festival entrance.
The distance to the camping area and the event is merely 300 metres.

The parking fee is €1 per car / motor-bike.

The money will be used to reimburse the land owners for the preparation of the parking area.

Families with children

Families with pre-school children will be allowed to park their cars closer to their tents in a dedicated quiet camping area. In order to prevent damage to the road, a limited number of vehicles will have access to this parking area on a first come, first served basis.


A limited number of RVs will be allowed to park near the quiet camping area.

About road

If the road is damaged by torrential rains, volunteers and security personnel will do their best to offer assistance.
We have done our best to arrange the best and the cheapest parking conditions, and they are very basic, so we expect mutual understanding and benevolence from the Festival visitors. Everything will be fine, even if we have to employ a tractor. 🙂

Share a ride

If you can share a ride with your friends and leave an extra car at home, please do so. Thank you for your understanding.