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This time – the region of Raseiniai, at the foothills of Molavėnai castle mounds

The 21st compact edition of Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival will unfold at a new exclusive location. This time it will visit the region of Raseiniai on the approaches of Samogitia, Western Lithuania. The three-day celebration will take place at the striking complex of Molavėnai Castle Mounds.


Molavėnai  © R. Bardauskas

Molavėnai is located in the Pašešuvis Landscape Reserve, not far from Viduklė and Kryžkalnis. The valley between two castle mounds, 400 metres apart, is surrounded by wooded slopes and scenic loops of the Šešuvis Stream. The powerful landscape of hills, oaks and boulders is truly enchanting and promising for the festival’s cause! The main stage is set up at the foot of a mound across the stream from the audience area. The second mound will shelter the other stage as well as the Film and Lecture Tent, the Crafts Yard, outdoor eateries, and other activities.

The oldest human settlements in this location date back to the 4th-5th century. According to some historians the site could have been the location of the legendary castle of Pilėnai. The area contains a state-protected centuries-old oak tree and the mythological boulder of Skirtinas.

Molavėnai has seen its share of partisan war too. This is where some of the fighters from Gintaras Territorial Unit of Kęstutis County perished.

The local government of Raseiniai has prepared the territory around the castle mounds for public events. The area hosts regular concerts and the play Mindaugas staged by the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre.

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