Festival Memo

Location, arrival, camping



Dear friend, if we know each other, let’s congregate at the exclusive limited edition of Mėnuo Juodaragis – the festival of unique music and modern Baltic culture that will take place on the last summer weekend, August 24–26. The 21st MJR will be a dreamlike, intimate tribal feast shrouded in arcane mists and blazing fires.
We will unfold at a new exclusive location. This time it will visit the region of Raseiniai on the approaches of Samogitia, Western Lithuania. The three-day celebration will take place at the striking complex of Molavėnai Castle Mounds.


The stages of the festival will host dozens of bands from Baltic countries and faraway lands – both well-known veterans of the MJR and intriguing new discoveries. This year the line-up will be concealed until the very opening of the event and will remain a mystery to be discovered upon arrival!


Traditionally, the programme will include the Crafts Yard, lectures of deep knowledge and history, Baltic rites, magical eco-art spaces, educational hikes, creative workshops, and sports tournaments. We will also offer vigorous entertainment, toasts, jokes and games for visitors of all ages.


Mėnuo Juodaragis will be waiting for you in the company of friends under the starlit veil of spells.
After all, there are no coincidences – whether you believe it or not.


Compact and exclusive. Intimate as a fairy-tale!
Let’s congregate!