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Camping conditions and regulations

The unique historical area around Molavėnai castle mounds offers an exciting experience. Its majestic beauty is a perfect backdrop for Spartan camping conditions and challenges. Hiking environment is an integral part of the Festival’s appeal.

The Molavėnai castle mound complex is located within the Šešuvė Landscape Reserve. All participants and visitors are required to protect the environment.

ATTENTION! Visitors are not allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages, weapons or other potentially hazardous items to the Festival grounds. Aggressive and intoxicated persons will not be allowed to enter the Festival grounds.

> It is strictly forbidden to break or cut trees or otherwise damage or pollute nature.
> Do not litter and stop others from doing so. Do not leave a single piece of waste.
> Ask for waste bags and portable ashtrays at the Festival Entrance and in the Info Centre.
> There are separate dustbins for waste and refund beverage containers.
> Non-refund containers and packaging can be compressed to save the volume of waste.

Let’s leave the environment cleaner than we find it!

Camping area

The camping area will be located on the Western side of the castle mound complex. A separate quiet camping area will be dedicated for families with kids. Other accommodation options in the area are scarce and have already been exhausted. So all you need is a tent, a mat, a sleeping bag and a good company.
The camping fee is €1. The money will be used to reimburse the land owners for the preparation of the camping area.
The camping area will be open from Thursday, August 23, 5 p.m.
Please respect your neighbours in the camping area.
Do not leave valuable items in the tents, especially during the night hours.

Slopes and paths

The Festival will take place among the steep slopes of the castle mounds that are pretty hard to scale. The castle mounds and the main stages of the Festival are separated by a 400 m wide valley. During thousands of years the Šešuvė River has etched impressive loops and ravines across the area with high and steep banks, so be wary not to fall down into the water. There are steps, wooden paths and bridges, but the valley has never seen so many people at once, so please be patient as pedestrian traffic can be slow during peak hours. Some areas may be inaccessible for disabled people.


There are no major water bodies in the area except for the Šešuvis River with a small bathing area. There are only two natural lakes in the entire Raseiniai District. You can bathe in Viduklė Reservoir 10 km away or the beautiful Jujainiai Beach 15 km away.
Cold water showers and water supply will be available near the camping area. These resources are limited, so visitors are advised to bring 5 to 10 litres of their own water.
Drinking water will be for sale in the Info Centre.

Antagonists: Beavers

There are territorial antagonists in every compact MJR. We had to protect Fire Belly Toads 8 years ago near the Devil’s Pit, we had to fight Sosnowsky’s hogweed 4 in the Skinderiškis Park, and now we have a huge population of beavers building dams on the Šešuvė River.

Food and drinks

A great selection of outdoor cafes will offer food around the clock, including vegetarian meals. Refreshments will be available from “Dundulis”, “Alaus namai”, “Stakliškių midus”, and “Akivarai”. Be sure to sample the juniper beer “Juodaragis” brewed by “Dundulis” each year exclusively for our Festival!
The nearby Viduklė town is famous for its dumplings, but their makers did not succumb to our invitation to server them at the Festival. You can stop by Viduklė dumpling taverns on your way to the Festival.
The closest grocery stores are in Viduklė (10 km) or Nemakščiai (10 km).


  • LIGHT — The moon will be full during the Festival this year, but visitors are advised to bring flashlights or other safe sources of light.
  • FIRES — Fires can only be built in the designated places where firewood is made available.
  • SECURITY — The Festival grounds will be protected around the clock.
  • FIRST AID — Around the clock first aid station will be on guard near the Great Stage.
  • ATMs — The closest ATM is in Raseiniai 25 km away, so be advised to bring enough cash upon arrival.
  • PETS — Pets are welcome at the Festival only if they do not pose danger or discomfort to other people. They must be under supervision of the owners at all times. Owners are fully responsible for their pets and must collect all refuse left by the animals. All dogs must wear a muzzle and be on the leash within the Festival grounds. Please, consider leaving the pets at home. You can find more information about the conditions for pets in the Festival Regulations.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY — There are no restrictions on taking pictures and shooting videos (except designated places or parts of the programme), but please consider the privacy of other visitors. NB! All publicly available images taken during the MJR festival can be used freely by the organisers for non-commercial purposes without the agreement of the authors.

If you need any assistance, please approach security personnel or the organisers. We will be glad to help. We will be grateful for your understanding, kindness and mutual assistance.

… And one more thing. Do not forget to bring you ticket! There will be no magic without it.
Festival map (double-click on it, if You want open in better resolution).