Festival Memo

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We have important news! –  this year the festival announces an interlude.

This year Summer for Juodaragis will be different. A one-year break was maturing for some time, and we hope that the fans of the festival will accept it with understanding and stoicism. Every year, the ever-expanding Mėnuo Juodaragis calls for ever more organizational efforts, time and work, leaving not a single summer day free, and in recent years it has embraced almost entire year. At the same time, the power and importance of Baltic culture, represented by the MJR, has become extremely strong, as we are getting more and more fantastic ideas, suggestions, criticism and offers, for which a one-year period is too tight to prepare properly.

The “small” editions of the MJR, once conceived as a kind of relief, became as plentiful and intense as the greater versions. Therefore, before entering the new event stage full of big hopes and highly creative intentions, we grant the festival a small but perhaps well-deserved and necessary respite. One different kind of Summer over twelve years.

We want to sincerely reassure everybody that this interlude is not a matter of hardship – there was no split, loss, disappointment, nor exhaustion. Not at all! May it sound paradoxical, but this break is not because of something is wrong, but vice versa – maybe everything is too good, too intense? 

MJR remains a community project, made by a tribe of volunteering friends, who sacrifice a lot of their personal lifetime. Naturally we face a need of some more time to reorganize our personal resources, improve the festival structure, rethink ideas, and try find better cultural support. Also we would like to have a chance to visit more great Summer festivals in other countries of the world, meeting friends and finding new experience. As every time we try to make MJR happening more improved, surprising, ingenious and of the best quality.

To crown it all, the 2019 brings to MJR family members an obligation to set up most important things in their personal life – get married, have children, go travel. So that we would turn a new page of Juodaragis story with greatest devotion ever.

Besides the MJR activities, there are other meaningful projects that had to be constantly postponed. What we understood is that they would not even start while the festival is running at the recent pace. So this year we eagerly expect some of these educational extra projects to happen and will gladly welcome You to join!

My dear tribal friend, if this message will bring You sadness, let it last for a minute only. It means You care, and so do we. All this time Juodaragis will be longing for You with a shining hope, burning fire and ripening acorns. The waiting will be yearning, but inspiring. Keep MJR in Your heart, and believe, it’s worth it! Chant Ingwaz… And see You soon.

Truly Yours,
Mėnuo Juodaragis