Mėnuo Juodaragis 2021 | MJR XXI¾ TERMS AND CONDITIONS
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Approved by MJR Council 2021 07 05


The number of guests of special event MĖNUO JUODARAGIS XXI¾ is limited – up to 1500 tickets.
Event is organized following the pandemic regulations and conditions, which will be officially announced by the Government of Lituania and in force in the event time (August 20-22, 2021).




1.1. MĖNUO JUODARAGIS XXI¾ festival (further – MJR 2021, Event) ticket or E-ticket (further – tickets) gives access to all events happening on August 20-22, 2021 at Grybai Manor, Švenčionys district, Lituania.

1.2. Visitors can purchase physical (printed) or electronic (E-tickets) tickets for MJR 2021 – both are equally valid.

1.3. MJR 2021 tickets’ price can vary depending on time of purchase and pandemic restrictions (or limits to be announced). The MJR ticket’s price includes payment for the event’s programme, infrastructure fee and charges for ticketing service / processions.

1.4. Each MJR 2021 ticket has unique QR code, which must remain intact and readable by scanner. The ticket is scanned/marked only once and is valid for a single person (Family ticket – for one family). In case of misuse, the ticket is foreclosed and entrance to the Event is denied, with no possibility to purchase a new ticket again.

1.5. Once purchased MJR 2021 ticket is not to be exchanged to any other ticket form and is non-refundable. Once purchased MJR 2021 tickets’ returns are possible only in case the Event is cancelled or postponed, under terms stated by the Organiser and by legislation of the Republic of Lituania.

1.6. It is forbidden to resale MJR 2021 tickets to other persons for a higher price, than paid buying it from the Organisers. In case of fraudulent resale, the ticket would be foreclosed and access to event for its holder(s) denied.

1.7. By purchasing MJR 2021 tickets, individuals agree to present their contact details (name and surname, email address and phone number), so that they could be contacted to provide the most important information and possible changes on the Event. The Organizers ensure security of this data.

1.8. On the entrance to the MJR 2021 the ticket holder(s) gets a special wristband. The holder(s) should keep both – the ticket and the wristband – safely until the very end of the event. Those who can not present the ticket and the unblemished wristband, should leave the event territory immediately.




2.1. The use of MJR 2021 tickets and attendance at the event is conditioned by the official epidemiological safety regulations set by the Government of Lituania and in force at the time of the Event. COVID-19 security requirements may be changed or revoked depending on forthcoming Government decisions for the period of the Event.

2.2. These rules for the use of tickets and attendance at the MJR event may be changed due to unforeseen and pandemic security conditions announced by the Government of Lituania. The Organisers would immediately notify about such changes in the public communication of the Event and by the contacts provided by MJR 2021 tickets’ holders.

2.3. During the Event visitors must follow usual pandemic safety and hygiene recommendations: wash and disinfect hands regularly, maintain a safe distance, wear a protective mask, follow cough and sneeze etiquette.




3.1. An E-ticket holder must print out the unique PDF file that is sent via email on an A4 white sheet of paper and present it on the arrival to the Event. At the entrance, the E-ticket will be scanned and the holder(s) will receive a special MJR 2021 wristband(s) which will act as a main ticket for the rest of the event.

3.2. E-tickets can be presented on Your phone or any other mobile device. In such case, tickets holder should save original ticket’s PDF file on the device. The ticket’s owner is responsible for the legibility of the E-ticket.

3.3. Copying the E-ticket is strictly prohibited. Images of it (or parts with the code) should not be shared in public. Ticket holder is solely responsible for E-ticket’s safety and should ensure that nobody else gets possibility to use it. In case of duplication, the E-ticket will be disregarded and entry will be refused.

3.4. The ticket is accepted only if presented itself (printed or on a mobile device), meaning that it can not be replaced by presenting evidences of payment, any other data or storytelling.



4.1. The printed (physical) MJR 2021 tickets have the same validity as the electronic ones. While purchasing printed tickets, persons should present their contact details.  Each purchaser is responsible for validity of that data.

4.2. Printed MJR 2021 tickets can be purchased at the official MJR festival bureau – “Ragainė” Baltic shop in Vilnius (Skapo str. 3). Organizers have the right to make discounts for physical tickets during purchase, depending on the way of payment and other conditions.




5.1. MJR Family ticket is a dedication to those brave parents coming to the festival with their preteen children. The MJR family ticket/e-ticket can be used by a single family – two adult parents and their one or more children up to 12 (twelve) years of age (inclusive).

5.2. MJR Family ticket does not include or determine other possible family relations or concepts.

5.3. Presenting MJR Family ticket on the entrance, documents and IDs proving parentage (or guardianship) and age of children are required.

5.4. When presenting a MJR Family ticket at the entrance, all family members should enter together. If one of parents is missing, no refunds or deductions of the ticket price will be made.

5.5. In case family plans change and adults are coming without children or no suitable documents are presented, then an extra fee is added to make the price equal to that of two regular MJR tickets.

5.6. Parents are fully responsible for their kids and must look after them carefully during the whole Event time.




6.1. For children up to 9 years of age (inclusive) the entrance to MJR 2021 is free.

6.2.  There are Special MJR 2021 tickets that provide discounts to some age or social groups of the Festival’s audience. Special MJR tickets are valid for all Festival time. Purchasing and checking these tickets requires personal documents to prove the discount. If no suitable documents are presented, the special MJR ticket will be disregarded and festival entrance denied.
The Special MJR tickets apply to:

a. Youngsters (from 10 years old up to 14 inclusive) – should present an age proving document. While purchasing the tickets and throughout the whole Event youngsters must be supervised by adults. Tickets are only purchasable at the Festival entrance.

b. Seniors – a pensioner’s card is required. Tickets are only purchasable at the Festival entrance.

c. Disabled – a disability card is required. Tickets are only purchasable at the Festival entrance.

d. Residents of local neighbourhood – depending on the Festival area, a limited amount of special priced MJR tickets could be issued for those permanently living in Švenčionys district. The price and conditions are given through the local community only.

6.3. Special MJR tickets price is set for registered Bicycle and hike riders.

6.4. For MJR 2021 there are no usual discounts for those individuals, who are still wearing wristbands from previous MJR festivals.




1. Upon purchase of any MJR 2021 ticket its holder also accepts the other rules and values of MJR Festival, common sense and public attendance in Republic of Lituania.

2. It is FORBIDDEN to bring to the Festival territory any kind of alcohol, drugs, also guns and other dangerous or poisonous things. Abundantly drunk, spaced-out and aggressive people would be denied.

3. Youngsters upon 16 years (inclusive) should be supervised by adults.

4. No political propaganda, agitation, demonstration of symbols or commercial advertising will be allowed at MJR Festival, unless agreed with the organizers by a separate mutual agreement.

5. The Festival is taking place in a beautiful, fragile and sensitive Nature site, therefore every visitor must follow the strict rules of its preserve – no damage to Nature, no litter, no even plucking. On Your leave, please take all Your things with You. Please respect Mother Nature and each other.

6. Pets (dogs) are allowed to the Festival, but their keepers should take care of them very responsibly during all event time. Pets can not be aggressive or cause any inconveniences to other, must have muzzle. All dogs produced consequances should be fully cleared. In case of inobservance to these rules,  or pets’ aggression towards people of other animals, or Festival visitors complaints, owners would be asked to bring their pets outside the site.

7. Photography and filming at the event are not restricted, except the areas and special performances marked. Photographers must respect the privacy of visitors and do not spoil the magical moments of the celebration. IMPORTANT: All images captured at MJR events and made available to the public, may be used by the Organizers for non-commercial purposes without separate permission from their authors.

8. The organizers can not be responsible for changes in the Event programme, if this happens due to weather conditions or other reasons beyond the control of the Organizers.


– – – – – –

In these unusual, as never before, conditions and times, in the face of new challenges, the organizers tend to trust the awareness and goodwill of the visitors of the Mėnuo Juodaragis. In year of 2021 the concise MJR Festival is being organized primarily for the community solidarity, which we expect from each and every participant of the Event.

Should You have any further questions regarding tickets or rules, please, contact us by e-mail: bilietai@mjr.lt, or phone: +370 520 51727.
Festival website – www.mjr.lt

The event MĖNUO JUODARAGIS XXI¾ is organized and tickets are distributed by the non-profit public organization “Baltijos griaustinis” (comp. code 124631480).