The fest will take place at Grybų dvaras (Mushrooms Manor), Švenčionys district

This year, a different and concise MJR event will invite you to the Mushroom Manor, located on the edge of the Labanoras forest, near Sariai town, Švenčionys district, Lituania. The miraculously cozy, green-picturesque old Mushroom Manor will be waiting for all the tribesmen on August 20-22.


From the 18th century known ensemble of the buildings of the Mushroom Manor was taken away by time, now the old park pleases with tree alleys and the 500-years Oak. Tomas Jonušas, the owner of this place, started to revive the manor with love and enthusiasm 15 years ago, turning it into a well-maintained and pleasantly visited place, now various special events are taking place here.


Visitors to the festival will enjoy the fresh crown of trees, green lawns, calm water of the ponds, and we will pay even more attention to hiking in the impressive surroundings. The landscape of the manor will house several music scenes, a cinema and lecture tent, a craft yard, the Juodaragis Temple, land art workshops, outdoor cafes and more.



We believe that this pleasant place will surprise MJR visitors, will make everybody feel especially festive and close as one family. Of course, this will require no less special festival program and theme – this is what we are preparing! :)) Let’s gather!



Photos by Algis Jakštas and Kazimieras Šešelgis.