Zarasai island has a new infrastructure this year that has been built at the entrance to the island. This is the reason why there will be changes in the parking rules during the MJR festival. Since the usual parking area is no longer there, we must ask that most cars be parked outside the island. The organizers of MJR have arranged for a protected and free parking area 1.5 KM away from the island. The address of free-parking area: Saltupes str. 62A, coordinates: 55.743542, 26.227000.

There will still be a possibility to park inside the island, though it will have a price and the space is highly limited. The designated area is at the other side of the island (near “Ramučiai” camping grounds). We believe that everyone attending the MJR festival agrees that the island should not be filled with constant traffic.



Those arriving before Friday (August 28th) 16:00 will have a chance to park inside the island for 15 Euros. Afterwards, entering by car will be limited and coordinated according to the situation.

Everyone arriving with a family ticket and school-aged children will be able to drive into the island at all times. The fee for the vehicle will be 5 Euros.

The vehicles left inside the island will only be allowed to leave on the final day of the festival (Sunday).

We do understand that such a fee may seem high, but it is not there for profit. It is there as a tool to control the amount of vehicles. The collected money will be diverted to building and maintaining a free parking area.

We would also like to remind you that Zarasai can be reached not only by car, but by bus, train, bicycles and other means as well. Timetables can be found on the MJR website.

We hope that the parking rules will not cause too much inconvenience. Goodwill from both sides always prevails. And after all, that kilometre from the parking are... Is not that much at all. Until we meet in Zarasai. HAVE A SAFE TRIP!


MJR XVIII Bičiuliai