The Greater island of Lake Zarasas covers an area of 44 ha and spans almost one kilometre. It is a unique place of cultural events and resort. It also has great archaeological potential. The island is accessible by an asphalted road which will become the entrance of the Festival. We hope that the visitors of the Festival will enjoy their stay and treasure one of the most beautiful spots in Lithuania. We also hope that after this event, the island is going to welcome the Festival for another year.

The opening rites of the Festival will be performed at a mighty oak on the Northern cape, where an altar will flare up. Several stages will be set up in the island - the Greater Stage and the Small Stage - surrounded by magnificent nature and each embodying different aspects of the diverse music of the Mėnuo Juodaragis. The third stage dedicated to electronic music at night and folk music at daytime as well as the film and lecture pavilion will be located further from the main traffic of the Festival – in a glade at the northern end of the ring. Camping and parking areas will be available on the island, while the Crafts Market, fireplaces and outdoor eateries will offer entertainment and nourishment.

The Great Island has several nicknames, including England – due to its shape – and the Island of Friendship. Other islands of Lake Zarasas that can be reached by boat are: Italy, the Island of Snowball Trees, and the Island of Lindens. The area of Lake Zarasas is 313 ha; it has a very complex bed, many shoals and trenches.

There are numerous robust oaks, pines and lindens on the island as well as scenic hills and meadows. A picturesque marsh located in the middle of the island is encircled by a road, which used to host horse races some time ago and, more recently, car races. Here, residents of Zarasai gather cranberries and mushrooms and even go fishing in the pockets of water located deep in the marsh.

The island is surrounded by several beaches, the most outstanding of which is called Golden Beach. The lake itself is quite deep, so swim carefully.

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