Look at the beautiful coat of arms of Zarasai - the spirit of this land is perfectly embodied in the magnificent and graceful curve of the roe/fish under the Full Moon/Sun, while the flame-bladed sword in black background emanates some kind of mysterious magic. Perhaps it was this coat of arms, or the Selonian runes and the entire uniqueness of this land that have brought the 10 th MJR Festival to the island of Lake Zarasas


About Island


City of Zarasai


It is important to gather litter. It is even more important not to leave litter. No littering!

LET’S LEAVE THE ISLAND CLEANER! It is an ambitious goal that we would like to achieve with Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival! We believe that the extraordinary attendance of the Festival can help us achieve this!

Please, pay attention to the special request from organizers NOT TO LITTER and bring as little plastic packaging as possible. Let us maintain the marvellous nature site clean and make MJR the cleanest summer festival!

MJR XVIII Bičiuliai