The visual clues must have already given you a hint that the theme of the 18th Mėnuo Juodaragis festival will be filled with buzzing bees. These busy insects have always been an important part of the Nature for the Baltic nations representing the most sacred relationships between people: friendship, harmony, and divine order. In the culture of the Baltic tribes a bond forged through bees was at least equal to blood ties. Sweet honey gathered in the galaxies of combs symbolises love and health, while its primal meaning leads to the mythical forest – the abode of Gods.

The sacredness of bees to the Baltic culture has been known from the ancient writings of Wulfstan and Erasmus Stella, the mythology of Austėja, the patron of household, and Bubilas – the god of hedonism. Bees are weavers in our traditional songs, polyphonic melodies, and dances. The bee is not only a hard worker and gatherer of sweetness, but also a warrior always bearing a sharp sting and ready to sacrifice itself for its tribe.

Thus, the 18th festival will welcome you to the world of beekeepers. We will build hives, hold creative swarms, mould wax, puff smoke, taste ambrosia and mead, and sing a lot! The little ones will have their share of sweetness too. There will be lots of honey, magical nature and powerful buzz of music! The entire festival will probably resemble a single creative bee hive. And the last three days of summer will feel like a honeymoon. See you there!

MJR XVIII Bičiuliai