The final weekend of summer is relentlessly on its way with “Mėnuo Juodaragis” leading it. For many, this is already a tradition at the end of summer, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, and it creates a wish for feel-good peace, as well as awakes the spiritual hunger. And where else than in front of an altar (so traditional to Zarasai) that is built by the Large Oak would one search for concentration, thoughtfulness, the calm and true feeling that wakes one’s inner entity. And what, if not the sound of poetry will carry you to the further reaches until you experience the real self and others? That is why this year, during the humming “Juodaragis” we will meet up and together share the beauty of the moment with Aušra Kaziliūnaite, who sees the moon as a pill, with Jurga Tumasonyte, who never wants to offend, as well as with the avant-garde of Tomas S. Butkus and the live and experienced world of Vilija Pilipauskaitė, while Jurgita Jasponytė will gift us with the expression of her intense inner emotion. Readings and meetings will be led and curated by Marius Burokas.
Can you hear it approaching?

MJR XVIII Bičiuliai