Bicycles and the traditional trip to the Festival site

Bicycles are regarded very highly in Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival. It is both one of the smartest and environmentally friendly inventions of humanity and a very useful means to get about the island during the entire Festival.

The tradition of the MJR tribe to travel to Zarasai by bikes has taken root throughout the years. The 18th Festival is no exception and we are inviting the toughest to join the costless and environmentally friendly trip to the Festival site relying only on your own endurance, enjoying the beautiful hills and valleys of Lithuania all the way to the North Eastern edge of the country and thus enjoying the glass of MJR experience to the bottom.

All who make the entire route of over 100 km from Vilnius to Zarasai will be granted a ticket discount and awarded with the Festival’s merchandise designed exclusively for bicyclists. Moreover, all cyclists will be entitled to an exclusive tour around the most interesting and beautiful locations around Zarasai, which will take place on the second day of the Festival.

The participants of the bicycle march will also get a 50 % discount. The ticket price for eco-travellers with discount - 20 EUR for all 3 days of the Festival.The tickets will be available at the Festival entrance to all bicyclists who ride all the way to the island of Lake Zarasas. The discount will also be given to the bicyclists who register in advance, but ride on their own from locations other than Vilnius or Kaunas.

Such riders will be required to provide proof of their journey, such as pictures at town or village signs, cheques from towns on the way, etc.

MJR XVIII Bičiuliai