The island of Lake Zarasas can only be accessed through a single bridge. Each entrance by a vehicle will be charged, even if you have already visited and left the island.

The parking area is limited, so if You come later, the island parking space could be packed. The vehicles can also be parked outside the island in one of the parking lots of Zarasai town or its outskirts.

Please note that the noise of vehicles (especially motorbikes) will not be tolerated. Let the Nature prevail.



Zarasai island have changes its infrastructure, so we'll be having car parking outside the island.

There will be a free guarded parking lot in 1,3 km distance. Therefore entering the island with vehicle would be possible until Friday (08.28) 16:00 and charged 15 Eur (for families with kids - 5 Eur).

Detailed info will be very soon.



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