ESSA from Belarus will present their special project “Insomnia”. Collaboration with Rytis Kamičaitis and Gvidas Kovėra produced an unexpected result, which makes the project even more intriguing. The band calls its own music catharsis-folk, which is a rather precise and deep definition. The folklore of “Insomnia” echoing from the distance of existence is combined with the weirder, harsher sounds of the modern coming from metal sheets. Cutting improvisations and melodies that smell of sap are blended into the irresistible Present – the Insomnia; the river in Minks – the symbol of the lost Baltic spirit of the city and the country – which once flowed along the centre of street bearing the same name, but has been confined to an underground collector. The ancient Baltic spirit of Minsk residents is still flowing through an underground pipe, but has not been forgotten.

It lives as long as we are alive, says ESSA.

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