The compact 17th Mėnuo Juodaragis festival will take place at a sensitive site that has no infrastructure for major events. Therefore we would like to ask you to show understanding and responsibility and to waive some of conveniences in exchange for the beauty of untouched Nature for the duration of the Festival.

There are a few key things related to your stay at the Festival Site that we would like to point out:

–          The abundance and diversity of vegetation at the Skinderiškis Park is the result of the long-term effort of a devoted person, so we should protect and respect it. Every twig and bush of the Park matters!

–          There are several ponds within the territory of the Park, and a river nearby. Let’s stay vigilant, protect each other and especially our little ones to avoid involuntary baths and accidents.

–          There is no lighting at the Park, and the Moon will be waning during the Festival so be sure to bring your own light.

–          Please, leave your pets at home to avoid any damage to the turf. If you still decide to bring them along, please keep them on a leash and don’t let them disturb other attendees.

–          Cars will not be allowed within the Festival Site, so don’t bring much stuff as you will have to carry it all the way to the camp.

–          Be sure to bring all the necessary things – drinking water, personal hygiene items, proper clothes and footwear, and a raincoat. The nearest store is pretty far away.

We believe in the consciousness of Juodaragis tribe and hope that everyone will treat themselves, their items and the Nature with utmost responsibility.



The guests of the Festival always pay a symbolic fee for the tidying of the environment after the event, the toilets, waste, etc.

Green Tax:

–          LTL 5 per tent

–          LTL 15 per RV and/or car in the VIP parking

Staying in the camp:

–          The camp will be open from Friday, August 21, 09:00, to Sunday, August 24. The green tax will buy you a tent permit which has to be attached to the outside of the tent in a clearly visible place.

–          Tents may only be put up within the designated camping site. Only one camping site will be available this year. Noisy inhabitants may be asked to remove themselves from the camp.

–          Be advised not to leave any valuables in the tents. Especially during the night hours.

–          Those who do not wish to stay in the Park, may look for accommodation in and around Kėdainiai. More information can be found on the website of Kėdainiai Tourism and Business Information Centre:

Security and order

–          The entire Festival Site will be secured 24 hours. This task will be entrusted to a professional security service – the biker club “Vorai”. The event will also be regularly visited by police patrols, although there is usually little demand for their services.

–          In case of abuse, fraud or illegal entrance to the Festival Site, relevant persons will be removed from the territory of the Festival without the right to purchase another ticket.

 Swimming and washing

–          The shores of the Festival Site will be washed by the Šušvė River this year. We will offer refreshment in the waters of the Angiriai Reservoir.

–          Caution should be taken when swimming!

–          We kindly ask the swimmers not to use chemical shampoos and soap that pollute water and annoy other swimmers.


Several fireplaces will be set up within the Park. Building fires at other locations is forbidden. No trees or dry branches should be cut or used as firewood!

  Food and drinks

–          Several outdoor cafés will be open during the Festival. They will offer hot food and drinks 24 hours. Both meat and vegetarian dishes will be available.

–          MJR is different from other local festivals in terms of beer. The audience of the event has not been sold to any commercial monopolist, and a great variety of the best beer from local brewers will be offered. Beer from major breweries will also be available to those who like it. Beer will be sold at the price of LTL 5 per glass.

–          Exclusive “Dundulis” kvass will be offered too!



Visitors are not allowed to bring any alcoholic beverages to the Festival Site! Any such drinks will be confiscated at the gate. It is also forbidden to bring weapons and other items potentially hazardous to people. Aggressive and intoxicated persons will be asked to leave the Festival Site.

First aid

Medical staff will be available on site during the Festival and will provide first aid if required. Please, approach the Festival headquarters tent or the Info Centre.

Showers and WCs

Showers will make a début appearance at the Festival this year. Look for them by the shore. Portable toilets and hand washers will be available in sufficient numbers. A special toilet will be provided for mothers with babies (for changing diapers) and for pregnant women.


Cash machines and currency exchanges can be found in Kėdainiai. We advise to take care of these issues in advance.


The festival promotes Spartan camping with simple and optimal facilities and no excessive luxuries. To avoid discomfort, please bring everything you would take with you on a hiking trip. Proper humour and good mood are the most important resources. Should you require any assistance during the Festival, please approach the Info Centre – we will be glad to help. We will appreciate your understanding, good will, respect and assistance to each other.