By the end of the summer, yet another four-year cycle of Mėnuo Juodaragis will come to a close offering a good moment to organise a different, compact and exclusively magical episode of the Festival. The 17th MJR will take place on 22–24 August 2014. It will briefly move to Central Lithuania and blossom in a new location – the enchanting nature reserve in Kėdainiai region. The smaller MJR XVII will sheath its programme in an exceptional theme and steer away from its conventional form used during the past few years.

The dramatic sensitivity and compact size of the location will limit the number of guests and tickets. But we still hope that loyal friends and kinsmen of the MJR will be able to attend and assess the exclusive episode of the Festival.

The compact version of the MJR festival takes place every 4 years. The last time it was organised in 2010 in Aukštadvaris, while the next occasion is planned for 2018. The smaller MJR is used as a break for the Festival, a restart, and an opportunity to explore new, big and cosy visions.



The smaller version of Mėnuo Juodaragis is a good place for exclusive and unusual themes. This time, the Festival will look into the fathomless and mysterious territory beyond the veil of slumber – the world of dreams. Unlike most of the festivals offering an opportunity to party, MJR will present a chance to sink into deep and enchanting tranquillity.

We will dream with open eyes, play the archetypes of mysteries, and travel through our inner cosmos with fateful dreams and wakings, the knowledge of science and mythical symbols. We will build dream contraptions, prey on clairvoyances, and net dreamcatchers. Through our realities, insomnias, nightmares and clear midsummers, accompanied by signs and ritual rhythms left by our ancestors, we will meet in a different space – we will cast away our daily masks and come home with our true faces.

The programme of the 17th MJR festival will also touch the topics of ancient astronomy and ethnobotany. The marvellous vegetation of Skinderiškis Nature Park will add to the atmosphere of the dream world, while two stages will oscillate with a variety of music ranging from post-folklore and rock to ambient and acoustic transcendences. Of course, the magic will not be exclusively quiet.

The greatest dreams always carry special messages. But we usually capture them only once they have materialised in the real world. MJR XVII will be smaller on the outside, but more powerful on the inside – because sometimes less is more.

There is an feeling that it will be a magical adventure!