Dzelzs Vilks
Dzelzs Vilks (Iron Wolf in Latvian) is one of the most successful Latvian alternative rock-bands for more than 20 years. Dzelzs Vilks have received six Latvian Music Awards and have performed their energetic shows at the biggest festivals and events in Latvia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Russia.
The music of Dzelzs Vilks is heavy and melodious at the same time, borrowing elements from a wide variety of genres including rock, dark wave, synthpop, industrial music, and post folk, but the band keep on searching for new expressions. For the past eight years Dzelzs Vilks have been strongly inspired by Latvian folk poetry called dainas, creating a unique fusion of original melodies and dainas lyrics in their own songs. This has brought two albums to audiences: Vakara Zvaigzne (Evening Star, 2006) and Uijā uijā nikni vilki (Uijā Uijā Fierce Wolves, 2008) – recognized as the Best Folk Music Album at Latvian Music Awards 2008.Now, after the release of a rock album Dzīvnieks Pilsētā (Best Rock Music Album at Latvian Music Awards 2011), Dzelzs Vilks are returning to folk roots, and are going to record a new album inspired by Latvian folk poetry, creating a small post-folk-rock orchestra to make their sound more colourful.

Today it’s hard to believe that the band Dzelzs Vilks (Iron Wolf) - main member trio - Juris Kaukulis (now leader, singer / song writer)) & bass player Armands Butkevičs (now - ex) & singer (now - ex) Valērijs Cīrulis established in the last century. It was born on the 23rd of April 1991.