Czech Republic

The music of SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY is an unique combination of traditional Moravian folk music and doom metal. Their lyrics, based on traditional songs, are usually full of melancholy and sadness. Since 1995 the band have released six albums and played hundres of European festivals, revealing powerful metal sound and acoustic magic, deriving all complexities and details of folk instruments. Close you eyes, listen carefully and be taken away to a world of ancient pagan times...!

SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY have been pioneering Folk Metal since their founding. They emerged from Ostrava in Moravia, which makes up the eastern third of modern day Czech Republic, deep within the Slavonic heartlands. It is the Slavic feelings of ancient longing and melancholy that fuel the fires of passion on the band's album „Návaz“. „Návaz“ is a traditional amulet made from hair, blackberry leaves, ash and other odd ingredients. Tradition permeates the music of the Moravians by their use of violin, cello, and dulcimer; it also shows in the vocals and choral parts.