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One of the most interesting parts of the this year "Menuo Juodaragis" program will be the international archery tournament, called MAS (Medieval Archery System). The tourment will be organized by the club "Stėlė" (Arrow). We will see an unprecedented large team of professional archers from abroad and Lithuania >> read more


Bicycles are regarded very highly in Menuo Juodaragis Festival. It is one of the smartest and environmentally friendly inventions of humanity. Bicycles helped to get to the MJR festival for many people and 16th Festival is no exception and we are inviting the toughest visitors to join the costless trip to the Festival site relying only on your own endurance, enjoying the beautiful hills and valleys of Lithuania >> read more


One of the biggest summer festivals in Lithuania every year provides new accents of contemporary Baltic culture program and selects a topic that reveals through music, crafts, lectures, films, eco-art and other activities. The main motif of this year Menuo Juodaragis event is Latvian brothers, what means, that the sixteenth festival will be based on the ancient Latvian traditions and will open the treasury of the neighboring country Latvia, which traditions are really close to Lithuanian. Lithuania & Latvia – only two survived Baltic nations from the same linguistic and culture branch >> read more


Last year the independent alternative music and contemporary Baltic culture festival Menuo Juodaragis mentioned the 15th year anniversary, but on the basis of the magic of four quartets, the real anniversary will be celebrated this year. 4x4 - stability and earthly symbols of the world’s order will be held in on August 23-25 in Zarasai Lake Island >> read more