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The Black Horned Moon calls to the North East, to the very edge of our country, which allures with the clearest colours of Nature and peaceful dew of lakes. Here, at the end of the world named by the tribe of Selonians with the last rune of the alphabet, where the West ends and the East yet hasn't started - here the flags of MJR Festival will rise for the second time. The land of Zarasai is still breathing with rich greenery of forests, strength of oaks, depths of primordial waters and freedom. It is a land where everyone becomes a poet and a place where you can walk barefoot.

The land of Zarasai is dotted with small and big lakes (over 300!), mounds (around 30!) and mythological places (marked stones and “devil’s eyes”). The district hosts the oldest Lithuanian oak of Stelmužė and the biggest lake; it is famous for thousands of islands, sacramental wooden architecture, water mills, forests, rare species of plants as well as distinctive history.
The Festival will take place in a unique island of Lake Zarasas. This pearl of Upper Lithuania has been famous throughout the country’s history and has now been discovered again. The island located on the eastern edge of Zarasai town covers an area of 44 ha and stretches almost a kilometre across. Although the town is rather close, visitors of the island will find themselves in a quite another world surrounded by its mysteries, numerous oaks, lindens and pines.


Zarasai district is famous and interesting. There is a water power-plant full of olden industrial romance in Antalieptė, where the Šventoji River was dammed and turned into a beautiful labyrinth of lakes in Gražūtė Regional Park. Then there is the nuclear power-plant with its unique atmosphere around Visaginas. Dusetos is famous for its annual horse race, which takes place every winter on the icebound Lake Sartai.  The district hosts the oldest Lithuanian Stelmužė oak and the legendary Stone of Plains, which according to the legend was dropped by the Devil himself thus shaping the local rolling terrain. The Island of Astrava in Lake Dūburys is the biggest island of Lithuanian inland waters (45 ha).

The Capital of Lakes

All visitors are captured by the view of bends of rivers and lakes among the sparsely inhabited hills. Deep hollows with thin and long valleys and lakes interconnected by streams and rivers lay at the feet of the hills. Zarasai town is surrounded by seven lakes and is called the capital of lakes with its heart lying in the Great island of Lake Zarasas. The land is attractive due of its sparse population, absence of heavy industry and domination of peaceful beauty and spirit of Nature.