The living legend of Latvia, originators of post-folk in its prime, well known worldwide. Iļģi was formed in 1981 by Ilga Reizniece and became a symbol of national folk movement in Latvia. From the beginning, Iļģi was mainly interested in the most ancient and sacred levels of folk, both musically and conceptually, in ancient Latvian mythology. The traditional ways of life, its harmony with the rhythms of nature and seasonal celebrations were at the forefront of the group's musical presentation. In time, however, Iļģi gradually transformed from a traditional folk ensemble into a band that used folklore as a jumping off point for creating a contemporary music distinctly their own.
There is some kind of mystery why Ilgi havent played at Mėnuo Juodaragis before... probably Gods have saved this opportonity for this XVI Latvian edition!?