A great free-folk band from Kyiv, founded in 2009. Participants are travelling musicians that travel around the country and world on bicycles, collecting authentic songs. Then reincarnate them by giving original sounding, or someone might say "bungling" the songs. Uniqueness of the band is a combination of authentic and modern driving rhythms, ethno and alternative music styles.

Besides for the musical activity, Folknery annually go on a cultural-ethnographic expeditions in frames of their own project "Two-wheel Chronicles"; its aim is popularization of the Ukrainian culture, collecting of song folklore for the own repertoire, and propaganda of ecotourism. In their bicycle expeditions musicians have travelled 6811 km and have made three films about their journeys: 
- "Two-wheel Chronicles: Marble Ring" (43 minutes). The movie appeared after first expedition that took place in September-October 2010. Volodymyr Mulyar and Yaryna Kvitka have passed 3300 kilometers in 75 days, travelling around three countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey.

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