MJR XVI Programme
:::: CRAFTS :::::
The yard of traditional crafts and masters

This year, the feathered Black-horned Moon will once again set up the buzzing yard of crafts and creativity breathing with history, arts as well as traditional myths and symbols. Guests will be invited to try their hands at working metal and forging, watch the magic moments of casting silver or making glass beads, or try and make an amulet protecting from the evil eye.

Traditional clothes will be made by true medieval tailors, leather and jewellery will be crafted, and sashes will be woven. Traditional and sacred symbols will be forged, cast, pressed, drawn, woven and laced with songs! Diligent hands clear the mind!

Famous witches will bring their herbal teas and make divinations at a fire, while in a true Native American tipi Native American bread will be baked and a round of peace pipe will smoked in the night. Local brewers will share the secrets of traditional beer making and offer their production. And then there is the clatter of birds, the beats of drums, the dizziness of dances and the sound of songs…

As always, near the Crafts Yard, warriors from history clubs will show their fighting skill, bowmen will share their know-how of archery, and various traditional games will be played to test the strength of the body. Activities will be organised for kids and their parents alike.

You are welcome to come and… stay.