Seagulls don MJR XV rings

The islands of two lakes – Zarasas and Kretuonas – were united on the occasion of the 15th Mėnuo Juodaragis festival. The Great Island of Lake Kretuonas is one huge bird nest on the water – it is a breeding place for several species of seagulls as well other seabirds and shorebirds. We visited the island with the crew from the Lithuanian Ringing Centre and helped them ring seagulls. There is no surprise that so many birds choose this place for building nests: the island is huge and covered with tall grass which helps to conceal the eggs.

This year, 15 young herring gulls – still in their nests – were adorned with the rings of the 15th MJR festival. Two different types of rings were used for each bird: one yellow plastic ring and one metal ring marked with the runes of the Festival.

Soon the birds will grow strong enough to leave the island and will be seen in other locations across Lithuania. Therefore, if you happen to see a flock of seagulls somewhere, be sure to check them out – if you spot a bird with an MJR ring, you will be able to enter the Festival for free! :)

Pictures: Kazimieras Šešelgis (more pictures can be found here)