MJR XV programme
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Selected works of filmmakers from the Baltic states

This year, we have an ambitious plan to prepare a programme of films made exclusively in Lithuania and the neighbouring Baltic countries. Thus, the audience of the Film Pavilion will see a number of interesting documentaries as well as rare and weird art-house films, shorts, avant-garde videos and animation flicks. Without a doubt, the majority of films will be dedicated to the themes of the Festival – birds and the history of aviation. A special place will also be given to the works from MJR collaborators, volunteers and other visitors of the Festival. If you are a regular guest of Mėnuo Juodaragis and have made a film of your own, be sure to contact us. Other creative proposals will also be considered.


All Minds from One Head (Visos mintys - iš vienos galvos...) - dir. Algirdas Tarvydas, 2005

A film about one of the most prominent explorers of the Lithuanian wildlife, filmmaker Petras Abukevičius. The naturalist remebers his work accomplished with his colleagues, the creative path, work methods, and reveals many interesting facts from the life of animals.

Wounded Wind (Sužeistas vėjas) - dir. Vytautas Balsys, 1990

We are extremely glad to see this short film based on the mythological stories gathered by the expert of Lithuanian mythology Norbertas Vėlius. For centuries similar stories were transferred from lip to lip and we are sure that you won't be able to resist one of them.


Nine Circles of the Fall (Devyni nuopuolio ratai) - dir. Bronius Taločka, Nijolė Merkienė, 1984

An intriguing and complex interpretation of the tradic relationship between the prelate and prominent statesman Konstantinas Olšauskas and Stasė Ustjanauskienė in the interwar Lithuania.


Rain of Beer (Alum lijo) - dir. Kazys Muscnickas, 1969

This poetic film is a delicate and snappy depiction of beer brewers from Biržai Region.



Home (Namai) - dir. Šarūnas Bartas, 1997

An old derelict house. Is it purgatory or hell? It is simply full of visions from the past. They do not speak; they just exist. This is probably the most weird film from Šarūnas Bartas.



Meeting Osprey (Susitikimas su Žuvinikais) - dir. Mindaugas Survila, documentary

A film and a lecture from the filmmaker

The cinematographer/director Mindaugas Survila will make a short introduction to the peculiarities of filming wildlife and screen his film Meeting Osprey

Moments from the film
About the project




19.30 – Baltic Shorts
20.30 – Documentaries Pullets from Kopininkai (Kopininkų vištelės, 1998), Country of Lithuanians: Weathercocks (Lietuvininkų kraštas. Vėtrungės, dir. R. Jarašauskas, 1998) en subs
21.20 – Documentary Meeting Ospreys (Susitikimas su Žuvinikais) introduced by the author of the film Mindaugas Survila
22.20 – Death and the Cherry Tree (Mirtis ir vyšnios medis, dir. A.Žebriūnas, 1968)
22.50 – My Irene (Mano Irena, dir. V. Dabašinskas, 1970)
23.30 – A Letter to a Tern (Laiškas žuvėdrai, dir. V. Dabašinskas, 1966)
23.50 – Wounded Wind (Sužeistas vėjas, dir. V. Balsys, 1990)
00.05 – Children Lose Nothing (Nieko nepraranda vaikai, dir. Š. Bartas, 2004)
00.10 – Home (Namai, dir. Š. Bartas, 1997) en subs
02.10 – The Summer of Men (Vyrų vasara, dir. M. Giedrys, 1970)
03.50 – End


22:00 – Baltic Shorts
23:00 – Documentary All Minds from One Head (Visos mintys - iš vienos galvos, dir. A. Tarvydas, 2005)
23:30 – Documentary Blame It on the Beer (Vys par to alo, dir. A. Barysas, 2011)
00:40 – Documentary Rain of Beer (Alum lijo, dir. K. Muscnickas, 1969)
01:00 – Nine Circles of the Fall (Devyni nuopuolio ratai, dir. B. Taločka, N. Merkienė, 1984)
03:10 – Something Happened (Kažkas atsitiko, dir. A. Pozdniakovas, 1986)
04:20 – Weird animation for adults


09:00 - Animation for children