:::: MJR organisers ::::

The Festival is organised by the independent Baltic music label "Dangus" with a great help from friends and volunteers. For institutions we are represented by the non-profit organisation "Baltijos Griaustinis". www.dangus.net

postal address:
PO Box 3058
01010 Vilnius
phone numbers:
+370 675 08743
+370 698 12461



To bands, authors of projects and artists: if you would like to participate on the MJR festival, please contact us by sending an e-mail. We would like to get brief information about you and your work, your ideas and examples of your work, internet links, contact information and possible conditions of arrival. You are also welcome to send your releases to us by post. CDs usually provide a better picture than files on the internet.

We are receiving lots of inquiries. It is difficult to answer all of them. If we are interested in your art, we will get back to you for sure. Please, be aware that you may not get a reply - polite excuses are usually worthless and just a waste of time.

Thank you for your understanding.