This year, the young visitors of the Festival will have many activities to choose from including lessons, lectures, workshops and animation – most of them will cover the topic of birds. Here is the list of the Festival events dedicated to children as well as their parents.


::: FRIDAY ::::

18.00 – Crafts Yard
Little ones are welcome to come to the Hay Tent in the Crafts Yard where we will bind, twist and make various birds from hay, straw, grass and other offerings of nature.

21.00 – Crafts Yard
A night of tales and stories at the fire with the ethnologist Gražina Kadžytė.


:::: SATURDAY ::::

9.00 – Film and Lecture Pavilion
The ethnologist Gražina Kadžytė will teach the secrets of repeating the voices of birds through games and lessons.

10.00 – Crafts Yard
The Hay Tent workshop will welcome the little ones to weave birds from hay, straw and grass and to decorate them with colours and ornaments.

12.00 – Yard of Naturalists
The Lithuanian Ornithological Society will teach children and adults the tricks of making of nesting boxes. On Sunday, the nesting boxes will be put up in the trees.

14.00 – Lawn at the Crafts Yard
A workshop of painting on canvas and art, where everyone will be able to draw the bird of his or her dreams on a huge canvas.

15.00 – Yard of Naturalists
Naturalists will tell about the most common birds in Lithuania, show pictures and hand out colouring books.

21.00 – Film and Lecture Pavilion
The writer, poet and musician Vytautas V. Landsbergis will host a night of games, tales and fun. He will read extracts from his yet unfinished book, sing songs and answer questions.


:::: SUNDAY ::::

9.00 – Film and Lecture Pavilion
On the Sunday morning, the little ones will have an opportunity to watch animation flicks made in Lithuania, Latvia and other countries.

12.00 – Crafts Yard
An introduction to folk instruments with an opportunity for children to try out the instruments, play, dance and have fun together. You are welcome to bring your own instruments and join in.

12.30 – Lawn at the Crafts Yard
Archery competition for children and adolescents.

13.00 – Crafts Yard
Everyone will be invited to bring and show the birds they have made throughout the Festival. Sweets and other prizes will be given to the authors of most elaborate works.


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