MJR XV orienteering registration begins

During the 15th Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival, the lovers of sports, puzzles and running will have an opportunity to prove themselves in the orienteering competition. It is a game of fun, resolution and speed. Each visitor will receive a compass and a map of the Festival area and Zarasai town and will have to use them to find control points marked on the map.

The island and the town are perfect for orienteering and running sports. To add fun to the game, the control points will be hidden in the most unexpected spots, e. g. in the trees or even under the water.

The competition is individual and each competitor will start at a different time. Participants are welcome to join the competition at the MJR Information Centre on Saturday, 11 AM.

Registration can be made in advance by sending an application to societe(eta)post.com or during the Festival at the MJR Information Centre. The number of participants is limited, so be advised to register early – you will be competing for valuable prizes.