MJR XV Football Competition for the Horn!

As always, an improvised football field will be set up on the beach near the Festival entrance. Kickers will compete for a prestigious Horn of Mėnuo Juodaragis XV!

If you are up for a play and refreshment on a Saturday morning, be sure to carefully read these lines.

Registration of teams will take place during the Festival – from Friday, 5 PM at the MJR Information Centre or by phone +370 606 54948. Teams can also register in advance by sending applications to societe(eta)post.com. 10 to 12 teams will be competing for the prize; one or two teams may be formed of individual players.

Laws of the game:

  1. Each team consists of 5 players (4 field players and 1 goalkeeper).
  2. There are 2 halves of 10 minutes. Half-time break is around 2 minutes.
  3. There is no limit to substitutions.
  4. Each player can represent only one team, i. e. the one in which he/she began the competition.
  5. All Laws of the Game defining association football apply except for the offside rule.
  6. If a team gains 5-goal superiority over the opposing team, it immediately wins the game.
  7. Rough play and strong language (yellow card) is punishable by sending-off for 2 minutes. Extremely rough players (red card), will be sent off for the rest of the match and thrown into the lake.
  8. Passion is good, but fair play is better.
  9. The referee is god. He will tolerate the chants of the ultras, but strong language is not welcome. The referee also promises to ignore streakers (we’ve already seen a few in the competition of 2011).

Persons of both sexes and all age groups with an MJR ticket are eligible to participate in the competition. At first, the teams will compete in two groups and the four teams finishing in the top two positions of each group will progress to the semi-finals. The matches will take place on Saturday (10 AM to 4 PM). Precise schedule of the competition will be made on the field on Saturday.

In the evening, the winning team will be awarded the MJR XV Horn on the Greater Stage. They will be cheered by the crowd and carry the honour of the champions for at least a year!