Mėnuo Juodaragis welcomes the famous Dakha Brakha and other musical sorcery

Mėnuo Juodaragis festival is glad to introduce the most famous Ukrainian world music band Dakha Brakha, which is known for stage explosions of true primal ethno-chaos. Through unique reconstruction of emotional folk songs, Dakha Brakha creates surprisingly intimate and innovative music. Recently Dakha Brakha have become one of the most famous Ukrainian post-folklore bands and spend their summers representing the culture of their nation in the most outstanding festivals across the world.

The sweeping charisma of the act lies in its roots – Dakha Brakha was founded in 2004 by Vladyslav Troitskiy, the director of an avant-garde theatre, and the influence is still evident in the shows of the band. Dakha Brakha’s experiments on the Ukrainian folklore are reinforced with rhythms from other nations which only helps emphasise the motifs of Eastern Europe and Western Asia embedded in the authentic Ukrainian folk songs.

Among the other celebrities of the Festival is Ataraxia – the legend of theatrical neoclassical and neofolk music from Italy. The band has been playing for almost three decades now; they combine archaic instruments with live music and perform only in exclusive sites with special aura, such as the island of Lake Zarasas. Ataraxia rely heavily on the symbolism of Latin and Greek mythology and write songs in different ancient languages.

The fans of electronic music will be enchanted by the legendary ambient/drone duo Troum from Bremen. Their hypnotising performances of “dreams by dreamers who are awake” are always dangerously close to reality – all samples are taken from nature and environment and enhanced with acoustic instruments without any use of computers.

Meanwhile Theodor Bastard from Saint Petersburg will take the audiences beyond the boundary of Slavic and Middle Eastern sound by stirring the depths of ethnic music with the whirls of modern dark wave, trip-hop and exotic acoustic instruments. The new album from Oikoumene was so impressive that they had to be invited once again under the skies of Mėnuo Juodaragis.

Another key act of this year’s Festival is Cruachan – the heroes of Irish pagan black metal, who have been playing for over 20 years now. Cruachan were one of the pioneers of folk metal and enhanced the thundering sound of metal with traditional Celtic music, history and mythology.

The heavy artillery of the line-up will also be reinforced by the warriors of black/heavy metal Tharaphita from Estonia. The emotional Svjata Vatra – also arriving from Estonia – will heat their cheerful folk rock with winds and impressive dancing. Bands will also be arriving from Hungary, Poland, Latvia and Belarus.

The 15th Mėnuo Juodaragis festival will take place on the last weekend of summer, August 24–26, on the island of Lake Zarasas.


Dakha Brakha videos:
Tataryn – http://youtu.be/Sux8UupbI5I
Kozak – http://youtu.be/SWnao7yGu0I
Vesna – http://youtu.be/VRGeDRzOqmc

Dakha Brakha
Svjata Vatra
Theodor Bastard