Lectures in Mėnuo Juodaragis by mythologists, ornithologists and aviators

In the festival of Baltic culture and music Mėnuo Juodaragis, lectures are an important part of the programme visited by numerous listeners eager to hear prominent speakers from the fields of science and culture. The education and culture section of the Festival’s programme is not merely a supplement to the live performances, but a major forge of ideas and knowledge, highlighting the main theme of the Festival and its mission to study Baltic culture, history and nature. This year, speakers will focus on birds – both living in the wilderness and in music and mythology – as well as on the human dream of flight and the history of Lithuanian aviation.

Famous Lithuanian ornithologists and naturalists will discuss the basics of bird life, introduce the most common Lithuanian bird species, and reveal interesting facts of water birds. It was no coincidence that this year, birds became the Festival’s first banner-bearers – during the bird ringing session on Lake Kretuonas island, 15 seagulls were marked with the anniversary rings of the 15th MJR festival. The organisers are very happy about the active contribution from the Lithuanian Ornithological Society, which will set up the Yard of Naturalists on the island of the Festival in cooperation with the publishing house Lututė.

Some of the speakers will focus on the role of birds in folklore, mythology, polyphonic songs and modern recordings of nature sounds. Birds – perceived as the mediators between heaven and earth – are important in the tradition of Baltic culture and help trace long cultural ties reaching as far as India.

As always, the Festival’s programme will also include a historical thread, which is this year dedicated to the Lithuanian aviation.

Moreover, the lectures will include topics that are relevant every year, including new studies in archaeology, religion and mythology; discoveries in the field of genetics and theories of the genesis of the nation; funny facts about the Lithuanian language; and important transformations in the life of man.


Lectures in MJR XV:


--- Friday (August 24) ---

Prof., Habil. Dr., Daiva Vyčinienė – Bird voices in the Lithuanian traditional music: Nature and culture

Lt Col Eugenijus Raubickas – Kaunas Aerodrome: The cradle of Lithuanian aviation

Vidmantas Blažys, Remigijus Karpuška – Recording the sounds of nature: Birds

Gražina Kadžytė – Knowledge of Lithuanian birds and their perception through proverbs


--- Saturday (August 25) ---

Prof. Petras Kurlavičius – Flight across the world of birds

Vidmantas Povilionis – Lithuanian roots

Algirdas Klova – Voices of birds

Juozas Miškinis – Common birds of Lithuania

Prof., Habil. Dr. Audrius Beinorius – Birds in Hindu and Buddhist mythology and iconography

Dr. Vykintas Vaitkevičius – In search of temples: The household of an ancient Lithuanian

Dr. Dainius Razauskas – The bird of God

Jonas Čepas – Conquerors of the Atlantic: S. Darius and S. Girėnas


--- Sunday (August 26) ---

Vilma Gudynienė – Water birds

Stanislovas Kavaliauskas – The treasures of the Great Lithuanian Dictionary: The funny small folklore

Ričardas Patapavičius – Bird ringing

The introduction to the magazine Liaudies kultūra and a discussion on the natural Lithuanian culture

Mija Džeinara Ubartienė – Fairying as violation of female and male initiation and transformation


For more information on the lectures see Programme: Lectures