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MJR 2011



To Mėnuo Juodaragis 2011 there full 3 day tickets and tickets for single days. The tickets are of unilimited amount, so You can freely purchase them at the Festival entrance in Zarasai. As every year the MJR will suprise attanders with nice new ribbons.

If You are already in Lithuania, You can buy presale tickets from ticketing service "TIKETA" or by visiting our nice tiny music store "Ragainė" in Vilnius old town! In this case the MJR tickets would be a little cheaper.

----------------------------------------------- TICKETS:

3 days ticket - 115 Lt (35 EUR)
On the arrival the presale ticket will be marked and You will get a special ribbon (wristband) and detailed MJR 2011 information. The first 300 attanders to the Festival island will also get special Menuo Juodaragis souvenirs made of clay.

Single day tickets -
Friday (08.26) - 50 Lt (15 EUR)
Saturday (08.27) -80 Lt (24 EUR) (also valids for Sunday)
Sunday (08.28) - 25 Lt (7 EUR)

These tickets are available only at the Festival. You will get a special ribbon and detailed MJR 2011 information. Note: Whether You purchase the single ticket on Friday (50 Lt), You would be asked pay all the 3 days price (115 Lt) and get back the difference when leaving the Festival ground. You must leave until 12.00 h. next day.

Family tickets - 200 Lt (58 EUR)
MJR Family ticket are for 3 festival days, it is valid for 2 adults and their child/children up to 12 years of age. Bying this tickets You would be asked to present a documents confirming Your fatherhood. This special price is to support young families, that frow children with good Baltic spirits!

Children up to 9 years of age - entrance is free.


------------------------------------------- RESERVATION: -----------------------------------------

If You need to RESERVE tickets or have any questions on the subject, You can e-mail and have sure confirmation from MJR organisers. This option would also be good for those coming by cars, as there will be limited space for car parking on the island. Simply send the reservation request to mjr@dangus.net - send Your full name, country, contacts and number of tickets wanted. You can pay and get them at the Festival entrance.






ATTENTION! You must keep Your ticket and wristband to the end of the event! On the Festival island You may be asked to present them both.
::: Additional charges :::
Please note, that camping and going in the Island territory has such charges:
• Place for tent - 5 Lt
• Goin in with vehicle - 10 Lt

More on this - in secion

------------------- PURCHASE: -------------------

MJR tickets on presale (order by Paypal and receiving by post) are from March to August 1st. So in 2011 year this option is already finished. Therefore, You can by tickets being in Lithuania (or ask friends) in these places:

• RAGAINĖ: MJR 2011 tickets are available in Dangus magic music store "Ragainė", which could be found in Vilnius Old Town, Pilies str. 6 (the central town street). Call for information +370 688 19655.

• TIKETA: You can order MJR tickets from Lithuanian country-wide ticket distribution system TIKETA. There You can get an electronic ticket and print it by yourself at home. Use their box-offices if You are in Lithuania. There is an additional "sevice fee" at "Tiketa" for every ticket - 1 EUR. www.tiketa.lt




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