MJR 2010 CAMP ::::::

Those are the living and recreation conditions within MJR site at Đkilietai lakes. Be sure to read this section – it will answer many of your questions and help avoid misunderstandings.

This year, the festival will take place in an exclusive site within a nature reserve, which is not suited for big events, therefore the visitors of the festival will have to be discreet and bear with certain inconveniences. There are no paved roads or clover fields – you will be greeted by humpy wild grasslands, boggy lakesides, bumpy and rocky dirt roads, and strikingly beautiful Nature.

The MJR crew has made every effort to make the site suitable for the Festival and protect the treasures of nature. A month ago, the strands of Đkilietai lakes and grasslands were covered by impassable overgrowth. Through titanic effort, an area of 5.5 ha was cleared of the “jungle”, several tonnes of invasive grass were removed, an impassable road was repaired, swimming areas were cleaned within the confines of the law and physical capacity, garbage was gathered, etc. – we hope that the visitors of the Festival will appreciate all of this and leave the site as beautiful as they find it.

During the Festival, a camping site will be available on both sides of the pinewood at the first of Đkilietai lakes. The parking lot will be located 600 m from the camping site:
- 5 Lt (1.5 €) ecological fee will be charged for each tent;
- 15 Lt (4.5 €) fee for entering the site in a motor vehicle;

This is a symbolic fee for territory cleaning, restoration of damaged lawn, garbage removal and security. In order to prevent heavy vehicle traffic across the site, EACH vehicle entrance will be charged!

We wish the visitors of the Festival a comfortable camping experience. Accommodation is also available in country tourism homesteads in and around Aukđtadvaris town – services are abundant but early booking is advised. www.aukstadvaris.lt

ATTENTION! VISITORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES TO THE FESTIVAL TERRITORY! The drinks will be confiscated at the gate. It is also forbidden to bring weapons and other items potentially hazardous to people. Aggressive and intoxicated persons will be asked to leave the event.

:::: Motor vehicles ::::
According to the law, parking with the territory of the nature reserve is only allowed in designated parking lots or roadsides. Parking on the roadsides within the MJR site is FORBIDDEN to facilitate two-way traffic on narrow roads. The following parking options are available for motor vehicles:

- 1. In the kart circuit parking lot in Aukđtadvaris town, at the turn to the Devil’s Pit. Free of charge. 3 km to the Festival site.
- 2. In the pasture in Bariđava by the road to the event. Fee: 5 Lt (1.5 €) to be paid to the owner of the pasture. 2 km to the Festival site.
- 3. In a homestead parking lot 600 m beyond the territory of MJR (at Pamiđkë Mound). Fee: 15 Lt (4.5 €) for EACH entrance.
Parking areas on the map

Car owners are expected to park their vehicles in an orderly and compact fashion, respect other visitors of the Festival and keep the noise down to the minimum. Parking lots will be supervised, but 24 hour security will not be provided. Do not leave your valuables in the cars. Your car is your own responsibility. There is no space for caravans within the territory of the Festival – please, contact the organisers of MJR concerning this issue at least 5 days before the event!

The best way to avoid the inconveniences associated to the parking is to find someone to bring you to the festival area and pick you up afterwards. Drivers may drop off passengers and gear at the Festival gate, park their vehicles in Aukđtadvaris town and come back on foot.

:::: Camping site ::::
Camping area will be available from Thursday, August 26, 7 PM to Sunday, August 30. Once you have paid the ecological fee, you will get a tent card, which is to be tied to the outside of your tent in a clearly visible place. Tents may only be put up within the designated camping sites! The camping site is located on a slightly sloped and humpy grassland – be prepared for minor discomfort! There will be a Silent Camp for families with children on the eastern edge of the protected territory further from the stage and noise. Please, put up your tents in a compact fashion and respect your neighbours. Do not leave your valuables in the tents.

:::: Light and darkness ::::
There is no electricity within the Festival site and no electrical lighting will be provided during the dark hours. Darkness will be an issue therefore a flashlight or other safe source of light is a necessity for each visitor of the Festival!

:::: Security & order ::::
The entire Festival area will be guarded around the clock throughout the Festival by a professional security service, a motorbike-club and other personnel. Police will regularly patrol the Festival area, too. In case of abuse, fraud or illegal entrance to the Festival area, relevant persons will be seen off the Festival territory without the right to purchase a ticket!

:::: Swimming & washing ::::
There are two swimming areas – one on each Đkilietai lake. However, the banks are grassy, silty and may be inhabited by leeches. Caution should be taken when swimming! Both lakes are tricky and deep (the second one is 45 m deep!) We ask the swimmers not to use chemical shampoos and soap that pollute water and annoy other swimmers!

:::: Water & WC ::::
Visitors of MJR will have to bring their own supply of drinking water. In case of acute shortage, please, approach the organisers, but be wary that our resources are limited too! Drinking water is available from the spring in Aukđtadvaris, local stores, etc. There will be no showers in the Festival site. Three washbasins will be available next to the toilets, but the water supply is limited. Use the water sparingly! Portable toilets will be provided.

:::: Fire ::::
Setting up fires in undesignated places within the territory of the nature reserve is forbidden. There are no such spots at Đkilietai lakes, but a few fires will be made in exclusively prepared places. Building fires in other locations is forbidden. Do not fell trees – sufficient supply of firewood will be provided. A wooden sculpture will be set on fire on Saturday night – please, keep your distance! Candles, torches and lamps may be used to mark the territory and the roads – please, do your best to avoid turning them over and causing a fire.

:::: Food & drinks ::::
Hot meals and drinks will be offered by two 24 hour open air cafés and a coffee stall. The beer of the Festival – “TAURAS” – will cost 5 Lt (1.5 €) per pint. Unfiltered beer will also be offered by “Alaus namai” No alcohol drinks of your own are allowed to be brought to the Festival area.

:::: Pets ::::
Dogs, cats and other pets are allowed to the MJR territory – though you must be sure and fully responsible that your pet won’t make any trouble! Note, that there would be other pets, and small children in the Festival. So, think twice before taking along your puppy, cat or ferret.

:::: Medical aid ::::
Medical staff will be available on site during the Festival and will provide first aid if required. The most popular service is removal of ticks. Please, approach the MJR headquarters tent by the Folk Stage.

:::: Litter ::::
Please, pay attention to the special request from organisers NOT TO LITTER and bring as little plastic packaging as possible. Let us maintain the marvellous nature site clean and make MJR the cleanest summer open air! Special sacks and containers will be available for litter. Do not leave any plastic cups, cigarette butts or pieces of paper lying on the ground! Do not be shy to discipline other litterers. Please, take away everything you brought – Nature does not need anything from us! Smokers are entitled to special capsules for cigarette butts available at the Gates.

:::: Mobile phones ::::
Mobile connections are quite complicated because of outstanding landscape. Connection of "Omnitel" and "Tele2" service is weak, and "Bite" ("Vodafone") is almost none. You should go on some hill to catch the waves, or better leave Your phone to rest, relax and fully enjoy the Fest! Charge Your phone before coming. No charging service on the Festival place available.

MJR festival promotes Spartan camping with simple and optimal facilities – especially this year. To avoid discomfort, please bring everything you would take with you on a hiking trip. Should you need any help during the Festival, please approach the security personnel or the organisers – we will be glad to help. We will appreciate your understanding, good will, respect and assistance to each other.