:::: Mënuo Juodaragis • RINKTINË ::::
compilation 2CD

The twelfth MJR festival will see a release of the first compilation CD! The double digipack CD will feature greatest MJR artists from Lithuania and all world. "Mënuo Juodaragis • RINKTINË" 2 CD will feature most known scene names of Lithuania on the first disc, and great guests from other lands on the second. Like the event, this compilation is rather colorfull and diverse, presenting mostly exclussive, special and unreleased recordings from 30 bands and projects.

MJR compilation is a tribute to festival history and great people we met here, also all those who come to Juodaragis like home every year. And everybody who still wears MJR 2008 ribbon on his/her hand, this 2CD digipack edition will cost only 12 Lt (4 Eur). The compilation would be dedicated to promote honest music and will be published on non-commercial terms.


P R I E Ð P I L N I S / c r e s c e n t

01. KÛLGRINDA “Apëja sauliûte”
from album “Saulës giesmës”
02. DÓNIS “Kas tave ðaukia...”
special track from forthcoming album
03. ATALYJA “Eglës uþkeikimas”
from album “Saula riduolëla”
04. ÞALVARINIS “Teka upelë...”
from album “Folk’n rock”
05. VILKDUJA “Obuoliuose tave”
unreleased track from forthcoming album
06. DRIEZHAS “Balsai”
from album “Tolumoje”
07. LIBERTE “Karvelis”
unreleased track
08. PIEVOS “Naðloita rûta”
unreleased track from forthcoming album
09. RASA BASOM “Lyliû lëliû”
unreleased track from forthcoming album
10. GIRNØ GIESMËS “Gaivalas”
exclussive track for this compilation
11. LAUXNA LAUKSNA “Dangus tai po þeme naktá”
unreleased track
12. TROLIS & The Giberlingers “Prisiðauksi bëdà”
special mix of “Calling trouble”
13. SPANXTI “Uz leiðiem alu dzert”
unreleased track
14. ZPOAN VTENZ “Siratëlis”
dedicated song - in memory of Vilma Èiplytë 1969 - 2009
15. WEJDAS “Nykstantys þenklai”
unreleased track

D E L È I A / w a n e

01. VIRRE+ “LMP”
from album “Kolmas”
02. OF THE WAND AND THE MOON “Here's An Ode”
exclussive version
03. ÇNU KALEIDOSKOPS “Vilkacju meitene”
unreleased track
04. MOON FAR AWAY “Ty Vzoidi Krasno Solnyshko”
from album “Belovodie”
05. ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI “Letter to unborn child”
special Lithuanian mix
from album “Oesforras”
07. DANDELION WINE “What Have You (Nonesuch)”
from album “Selected Anachronisms”
08. ALLERSEELEN “Die Sehnsucht aber bleibt”
unreleased track
09. BAOBABS “Aijâ ancît”
unreleased track
10. FORGOTTEN SUNRISE “Sõjajala Õis”
exclussive track for this compilation
11. VON THRONSTAHL “Northern Sons under Southern Skies”
unreleased track, special MJR version
12. SIEBEN “We Wait for Them”
special track from coming Lithuanian release
13. HYBRYDS “August rising”
special mix 2009
14. SVARROGH “The Wheel of Dazhbog”
unreleased track
15. THEODOR BASTARD “Budem zhit” (acoustic)

from special album “Beloe: predchuvstvya i sny”

We say thanks to Donis, who helped to make the compilation and sound master Driezhas, providing masterful mastering in his studio www.soundprovocation.com. And big heartily thanks goes to all the participants of the compilation for their beautiful music!

2 CD "Mënuo Juodaragis • RINKTINË" is released in limited 500 copies. It will be available at the festival and afterwards please contact Dangus label. www.dangus.net